Tuesday, 16 December 2008

UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference 2008

Just got back from the annual UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference at the ICC in Birmingham.

This was the first year we have had a dedicated conference space for the PeopleSoft community and this worked really well. Knowing that everyone you bumped into in the breaks, lunch and exhibition had something to do with PeopleSoft was a great benefit. There's nothing worse than mingling with 2,000 people trying to find your friends let alone meet new people.

Big thankyou to UKOUG staff who succesfully planned and organised this event and to all the PeopleSoft customers, vendors and Oracle staff that attended and supported.

Here's just a quick run down of the content from the PeopleSoft Technology Stream.

Jim Marion from Oracle gave a whistle stop tour through some great developer ideas, tips and tricks on how to improve productivity and extend existing PeopleTools functionality. Jim is a great bloke who loves to share what he's learned and it was wonderful to meet Jim face to face after years of reading Jim's PeopleSoft Journal. Thanks Jim for making the trip over to the UKOUG.

Conference would not be conference without a look at what's coming in the next release in PeopleTools and to hear and see what the PeopleTools developers are dreaming of. This year was no exception and we were delighted to see again our friend Jeff Robbins from Oracle. He took us down the long list of genuinely cool and radical enhancements being planned for Tools release 8.50 and the PeopleSoft Portal. You can see these and more on the Oracle PeopleTools blog. We really value your presence at our user events especially as most of us don't make it to OpenWorld. Thanks Jeff.

Again, yet more good friends of the PeopleSoft Technology user community made the long journey over from the USA to support and contribute ideas, knowledge and opinion. So, we were delighted so see Larry and Chris from Grey Sparling giving their usual brand of high value, high quality content on developer best practise and using social networking ideas with PeopleSoft. Again, you should all know about these guys from theire prolific blogging. Good to see you both again and thank you.

Of course the local boys and girls were also out in force and a very useful session by Dave Kurtz of Go-Faster Consulting on Performance Monitor and a quite inspiring session on upgrading application configuration by our friends from Succeed Consulting and Tescos ended my day on Thursday with a warm feeling!

I missed the last day of conference to attend a family funeral but one of my developers from Oxfam gave me some positive feedback from all the tech sessions and discussions he went to.

These events only have value if people come and share.

There's value in community and I believe the PeopleSoft community in the UK is very much alive, seeking to get value from existing investments in these challenging economic times and looking to the future for opportunities like PeopleTools 8.50 and application upgrades such as FSCM and HR 9.1.

It was great to see old friends and some new ones.

See you all in 2009 at the UKOUG PeopleSoft conference and Technology SIG meetings.