Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How to Customise PeopleSoft Applications Safely

I'm giving a presentation at 5pm today and I'm up against a very interesting showcase session on some of the new PeopleTools 8.50 features. Ah well.... never mind.... I'm used to talking to a small crowd. Maybe I'll go to that instead of my own!

Anyway, you can find the slides, SQL and the full published article that this presentation is based on below.

How to Customise PeopleSoft presentation

Full Article published in UKOUG Oracle Scene Magazine - 2008

SQL to report customisations for the live recording. You'll need an OracleDemand signon or conference signon to access this.


Mike said...

Thanks for the slides/info!

Unknown said...

Many thanks for sharing this presentation. I have a US Federal customer that I have been preaching solutions like this to for years and they have yet to listen. So this will certainly come in handy when I present your information to them. Hopefully, this time they will start to listen.