Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday morning at OpenWorld

So the IT world has turned full circle. From the days of the 70's when you bought "everything" from one computer vendor through the heady days of "open systems" and "open standards" in the 80's and 90's we now have Oracle wanting and "now able" to sell you everything again.

Charles Philips (Oracle President) said that buying IT solutions was like buying a car but needing to buy all the car components from several different vendors and having them all delivered to your garage where you'd hire a team of mechanics to try and fit it all together (without a manual for some of it). "Not anymore" he claims.

Just like OOW 2008 there was no mention of Fusion Apps but a very strong a clear message that their acquired apps (PeopleSoft, JDE, Demantra, etc) have been substantially develeoped and will continue to be developed. Their best in class apps coupled with Fusion Middelware technology and Oracle's inovation and services was todays reality. Paco Aubrejuan (Head of PeopleSoft at Oracle) shared the stage in the keynote with Philips and gave a brilliant demo of integrated budgeting and planning using PeopleSoft and Hyperion.

More later today. They just put the coffee and buns out!

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DuncanDavies said...

Thanks for keeping those of us at home informed with what's going on. The news that they intend to keep developing the acquired apps is encouraging too.