Thursday, 17 June 2010

Please vote for my OOW presentation suggestion

I've submitted what I hope will be a useful PeopleSoft presentation for OOW this year. If you think it's of interest to the PeopleSoft community then you can vote for it here

The session explores what actually happens on your PeopleSoft stack when you run a Query and a ton of tips and tricks on how to manage the Query load, redirect Queries if necessary and some new 8.50 implications that every infrastructure analyst should be aware of.


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Jessica said...

Hi Graham,
I work for the State of New Mexico (USA) - I am the Training Director for all ERP Training. The State is on PS FIN & SCM. and I was looking for some information that could potentially help my team of PS Technical Experts on learning Query Performance tips. See right now very limited agency have Query Manager access but we are two short staff to handle the request. We want grant them autonomy of creating private Queries. Via google search, I cam across your blog wealthy with information. Is it possible you could share your PPT for non-commercial use by the State of NM? Or if you know of other ras where we can proposer from similar information. I would be ever grateful. Thank you and all the best!

God bless,

Jessica Martinez