Wednesday, 7 July 2010

IE7 Very Slow with PeopleTools 8.50

This is my experience with Internet Explorer and PeopleTools 8.50.

We found that IE7 on PeopleTools 8.50 was VERY SLOW. Pages would take between 3 to 8 seconds to render in the browser making the user experience unacceptable. IE 6, FireFox and Google Chrome performed very fast in comparison. You can watch an example of this here.

I observed that while the browser was rendering the page my PCs cpu went very high and MCSHIELD.EXE process seemed to be the culprit. MCSHIELD is McAfee Anti Virus process which scans (amongst other things) web pages for viruses.

So, we logged a P2 with My Oracle Support. We're not live on 8.50 yet but this was a show stopper to go live so this is still a P2. The Support analyst came back immediatley saying that this was a known problem with IE7, 8,50 and McAfee and that other users had reported similar problems and had disabled "Script Scanning" and this had worked around the problem. See ICE 1513373000.

Well, I completely uninstalled McAfee from my workstation and I still had the performance problem. It's possible that under some circumstances McAfee was causing a problem but this was not what I was seeing.

Turns out this problem is caused by an IE 7 addon. The IE Developer Toolbar . If I disable this then IE7 works fast.

The odd thing is that IE7 with the Developer Toolbar is absolutely fine with PeopleTools 8.49!!! Got this still logged with Oracle as a) they should be aware of the cause and b) need a heads up that there may be other addons that exhibit similar problems.