Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday - Day 3 OpenWorld

Another packed day of PeopleTools sessions. Just a few highlights.

Full session today demonstrating the new 8.51 testing framework. Record a script, play it back, copy the script to target system, replay script, compare test results, build AD project of tested objects, run compare. After the demo there were several questions from the audience.... and then Chris Heller from Grey Sparling raised his hand... no question.... but a great accolade "it's awesome" says he. And .... it is !

David Bain, (Oracle, Senior Manager, Product Strategy) and Jim Marion gave a brilliant demonstration of how to create a PeopleSoft CI based web service and then, using JDeveloper and ADF, build an application for a mobile device. Great demo. We should see this appear soon as a viewlet and details can be found in Jim's new PeopleTools book. He told me today that the Oracle book store had sold out and that his was the best selling book at conference. Not bad for a PeopleSoft book when you think how many Oracle tech and apps people are at this event. Well done Jim! UPDATE: So Jim tells me that he was bumped into 2nd place. One other Oracle book sold more - by only "one" copy. Doh! I knew I should have bought my wife and kids a copy!

Larry Ellison's keynote today. Here is a summary of what I think he said.
"We [Oracle] are number 1. We have the best software in the world and the fastest, cheapest, most energy efficient hardware in the world, they've been designed to work together, Fusion Apps will be released soon and will leapfrog the competition, Java and Linux is the platform of choice and PeopleSoft application was not built on industry standard technology" (what? er... WebLogic, Java, W3C standards compliant Integration framework, open standards portal, database agnostic, ... shall I go on? ).

In the evening helped some heroic Salvation Army guys handout 1,000 sandwiches to homeless and hungry people on the streets of downtown San Francisco. The contrast of extreme wealth and poverty and misery here is massive.

One more day to go.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday - Day 2 OpenWorld

One big breakfast at Mel's Diner at 7:00am with friends this morning. Need to lie down!

Today has been PeopleTools 8.51 overload. If you want to know what's new in 8.51 read the release notes but here are some of my faves.

Related Content has been enhanced to access Level 1 and 2 fields from the buffer and not just level 0. You can also bind a related content item to a specific field. Right click on the field and a context menu opens with related links - - - COOL!

Smart Navigation feature brings data results into the top menu bar and allows you to drill hierarchical data structures. Very nice.

Work Center (centre for us Brits) provides a way through configuration to link pagelets to any CREF (component) and render these whenever that component is opened. Even in this "basic implementation" in 8.51 this is a powerful framework for building composite applications and mashups without doing any development. This is planned to be made more sopisticated in 8.52 whereby acrtions in the content frame can be directed to the pagelets frame. Really like this!

Document object is a new IB feature whereby a logical model of your XML can be created (or generated automatically from a schema (nice...)) and then bound to a physical implementation (CI, XML file, etc). You then code to the logical model thus protecting your application from changes to the underlying physical implementation. This is powerful and I wish I had recorded the hour long conversation with Keith the PeopleTools developer who's been the brains behind this.

There's so much more.... test framework, persistent searches, embedded help framework ( I think PeopleSoft copied this from Oxfam's project system :-) ), action drop down on org chart nodes, and .....

On my way now to learn more about PeopleSoft Portal.

Real buzz amongst the PeopleSoft customers here and loads of Oracle strategy and development team around to chat to. Well done Oracle!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Monday - Day 1 at OpenWorld

Arrived here in San Francisco ok as you can do after 10 1/2 hour flight.

Spent Sunday at the Salvation Army Harbor Light centre - a drug and alcohol detox and rehab unit. What an awesome place ... making a genuine difference in the lives of men and women who for one reason or another find themselves struggling with addictions. A 12oz rib eye with the centre director, his wife and a guy who went through the rehab programme and is now the assistant manager there! Then a trip into the SF Mission district to a Spanish speaking Salvation Army church for evening worship.... mexican food afterwards cooked by the pastors wife. I feel like I've already eaten enough for the whole week.

Well, it's Monday morning and I just walked the 7 blocks into Moscone Centre where the Oracle and now Java One conferences have been combined. This was already a big conference.... now it's even bigger. The enthusisastic young American girl at the Oracle registration desk just gave me her best, well rehearsed ,happy smiley patter at nose-bleed pace as I collected my pass, mandatory Oracle bag and ticket for the Wednesday party... my head is spinning.. (wonder if she'll be as enthusiastic after processing several more thousand attendees today?)

Will do my best to post highlights from each day.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010

So much to do and so little time before I head off to Oracle OpenWorld 2010. Looking forward to meeting all my PeopleSoft friends from around the world again and learning more about Oracle's plans for PeopleSoft applications and PeopleTools.

I'm honoured to have been asked to co-present with the legendery Jim Marion in his equally "iconic" PeopleTools Tips and Techniques session S317016 (Monday 5pm - Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate A). Not to be missed... even if you're not into PeopleTools and your more a functional expert then this session will give you some great ideas to take back home to your developers.

I'm also presenting with Jeff Robbins on Oxfam's PeopleTools 8.50 upgrade project in session S317421 (Monday 11:00 - Moscone West L2, Rm 2014) and also part of the PeopleTools 8.50 Upgrade Customer Panel in session S317446 (Wednesday 11:30 - Moscone West L2, Rm 2014)

Will try and post summaries from each day as it happens.