Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday - Day 2 OpenWorld

One big breakfast at Mel's Diner at 7:00am with friends this morning. Need to lie down!

Today has been PeopleTools 8.51 overload. If you want to know what's new in 8.51 read the release notes but here are some of my faves.

Related Content has been enhanced to access Level 1 and 2 fields from the buffer and not just level 0. You can also bind a related content item to a specific field. Right click on the field and a context menu opens with related links - - - COOL!

Smart Navigation feature brings data results into the top menu bar and allows you to drill hierarchical data structures. Very nice.

Work Center (centre for us Brits) provides a way through configuration to link pagelets to any CREF (component) and render these whenever that component is opened. Even in this "basic implementation" in 8.51 this is a powerful framework for building composite applications and mashups without doing any development. This is planned to be made more sopisticated in 8.52 whereby acrtions in the content frame can be directed to the pagelets frame. Really like this!

Document object is a new IB feature whereby a logical model of your XML can be created (or generated automatically from a schema (nice...)) and then bound to a physical implementation (CI, XML file, etc). You then code to the logical model thus protecting your application from changes to the underlying physical implementation. This is powerful and I wish I had recorded the hour long conversation with Keith the PeopleTools developer who's been the brains behind this.

There's so much more.... test framework, persistent searches, embedded help framework ( I think PeopleSoft copied this from Oxfam's project system :-) ), action drop down on org chart nodes, and .....

On my way now to learn more about PeopleSoft Portal.

Real buzz amongst the PeopleSoft customers here and loads of Oracle strategy and development team around to chat to. Well done Oracle!

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