Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday - Day 3 OpenWorld

Another packed day of PeopleTools sessions. Just a few highlights.

Full session today demonstrating the new 8.51 testing framework. Record a script, play it back, copy the script to target system, replay script, compare test results, build AD project of tested objects, run compare. After the demo there were several questions from the audience.... and then Chris Heller from Grey Sparling raised his hand... no question.... but a great accolade "it's awesome" says he. And .... it is !

David Bain, (Oracle, Senior Manager, Product Strategy) and Jim Marion gave a brilliant demonstration of how to create a PeopleSoft CI based web service and then, using JDeveloper and ADF, build an application for a mobile device. Great demo. We should see this appear soon as a viewlet and details can be found in Jim's new PeopleTools book. He told me today that the Oracle book store had sold out and that his was the best selling book at conference. Not bad for a PeopleSoft book when you think how many Oracle tech and apps people are at this event. Well done Jim! UPDATE: So Jim tells me that he was bumped into 2nd place. One other Oracle book sold more - by only "one" copy. Doh! I knew I should have bought my wife and kids a copy!

Larry Ellison's keynote today. Here is a summary of what I think he said.
"We [Oracle] are number 1. We have the best software in the world and the fastest, cheapest, most energy efficient hardware in the world, they've been designed to work together, Fusion Apps will be released soon and will leapfrog the competition, Java and Linux is the platform of choice and PeopleSoft application was not built on industry standard technology" (what? er... WebLogic, Java, W3C standards compliant Integration framework, open standards portal, database agnostic, ... shall I go on? ).

In the evening helped some heroic Salvation Army guys handout 1,000 sandwiches to homeless and hungry people on the streets of downtown San Francisco. The contrast of extreme wealth and poverty and misery here is massive.

One more day to go.


Jim Marion said...

@Hi Graham, it was so good to see you and serve with you and our friends with the Salvation Army! I look forward to seeing you again at either UKOUG or OpenWorld.

Jim Marion said...

Hi Graham - Update on the book sales at the conference... I missed the #1 spot by 1 book sale. I didn't have the #1 selling book, I had the #2 book, and the difference was 1 book sale. I think that is too close to even count :), but for the record, I wasn't #1, I was #2.