Wednesday, 5 October 2011

OOW2011 Tuesday Day TWO

I'm starting to see a big theme for PeopleSoft at this conference...... Paco's session on PeopleSoft Apps strategy, Jeff's session on PeopleTools roadmap, Jim, Mathew and Robert's session on building a good UI and even Jim's "legendary" tips & tricks session are all following a strong theme this year - USER EXPERIENCE.

It appears that a significant investment is being but into the look & feel, navigation experience and application behaviour of PeopleSoft apps.  What I'm seeing is VERY nice.  Having had a tour of Oracle User Experience Labs at Redwood Shores last week and having sat through an hour of usability testing and feedback with the PeopleSoft eProcurement team today I'm not surprised that such high class software is being tuned out.  - - BTW Thanks for the nice chocolates UX Team and really nice to have met you all :-)

Got a picture of the new pivot grid feature being released with 8.52 ("due soon").  Thanks Michael from Oracle Dev team for a great walk through of this on the PeopleSoft demo pods today. You guys all work really hard down there on the demo pods - thanks!

Mathew Haavisto and Jim Marion and Robert (sorry didn't get surname) both gave great demos of how to themse and re-skin the Applications Portal (see above sample from their presentation).  Jim's posted a blog entry on the really neat concertina menus which are based around navigation collections.

I had a very useful time today with some members of the Oracle CABIO (Customer Advisory Board for International Organisations) many of whom share similar harsh comms challenges like Oxfam. (low bandwidth, high latency, high packet loss).  World Bank, BIS, US State Dept, UNDP and others.  I think there could be a lot synergy within this group with a common set requirements for disconnected mobile working - something Oracle/PeopleSoft are not really focussing on much.

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