Thursday, 6 October 2011

OOW2011 Wednesday Day THREE

Today was even busier than yesterday. I spent more time at the PeopleSoft demo booths talking with Keith Collins (developer of all things integration broker) - he showed me all the new tools for building RESTful services in 8.52 - Very nice!  I love meeting with Keith.... he knows his stuff and he's a great programmer.

Met Tom Lenz from Global Support and Greg kelly (both PeopleSoft Security gurus) and found out how to integrate PeopleSoft signon with Windows.  I'll blog on this once I've got it working.  Thanks guys.  "The number one rule of Security....?  - Don't talk about security!" (hat tip Mr Kelly).

Tom Lenz
Keith Collins

The Meet The PeopleTools Experts session at the end of the day was just great. Thanks to all the Oracle staff for showing up and in engaging so well with the customers that showed up.

I sat through a great session by Christine Libby from FSCM Applications Architecture who showed how some of the new PeopleTools 8.52 features can be used to extend applications. She covered Pivot Grids, Related Actions, Inter Pagelet Communications and the simply awesome Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) embedded into PeopleSoft. Her presentation slides are well worth getting hold of as they cover in quite a bit of detail how some of these things are put together. Loved the Lego bricks Christine!

Smurf with Larry Grey's iPad app
On Monday night I got a chance to see the new soon to be released PeopleSoft Mobile solution from GreySparling.  They've got a very neat thing their doing to get PeopleSoft pages rendering and behaving like a native iPad or iPhone application. I'm going to leave them to talk about technically what they're doing because I don't want to get it wrong.  Just to say here - it's impressive and well worth a look if mobile enabling PeopleSoft in your thing.  I took a picture of Larry with the iPad app but for some reason it didn't come out. (this is odd as my photo of Chris also didn't come out either - must be something about GreySparling staff - are they real?)

It was great to meet and present alongside Mark Johnston from Oracle WebLogic and JOLT development today.  We we're cover the benefits of virtualising PeopleSoft.  Some really good news is that in 8.52 a new feature has been added to allow new application servers to be introduced into the server string without needing to bounce PIA.  Very nice... thanks Mark.

More great content expected on Day 4 tomorrow.

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