Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OOW Day 2

Before word gets out about me I need say it here.... Yes.. I did go to a vegetarian restaurant last night.  Food was great and the company of friends I was with made the evening.   We did talk about work, of course.... specifically "how to secure your PeopleSoft web server on the public internet".   The company I work for has some interesting challenges in this respect which I may blog about in more detail sometime.  If you're interested in security and auditing then the ERP Firewall product from GreyHeller is well worth a look.

Greg Kelly and Keith Collins (Oracle Security and IB)
Today (Tuesday) I've been in a great Integration Broker Security session with Greg Kelly and hardcore C++ programmer Keith Collins. Both of these legendary PeopleSoft blokes really know there stuff.  Lookout for more REST based support in 8.53 and security options.  The slides for this presentation has a great couple of diagrams describing the "waterfall" path when messages are negotiating authentication.  here's one of them....

Waterfall integration broker authentication
Discovered from Keith how to send integrations from one PS system to another without the need for the originating OPRID to exist in the target.  That's a new blog entry once I get home and try it out.

Everyone wants to know when PeopleTools 8.53 is out.  Well, of course, no one from Oracle is saying BUT it sounds like it won't be this year.  Last session of the day is a look at 8.53 in action by Russell Broom (HCM) and Christine Libby (FSCM) both Senior Apps Architects at Oracle.  Of all the many new features and enhancements in 8.53 to choose from this is what the focused on in this 50 min. session.

Russell Broom (Oracle Development)

Example for Activity Guide 1
Example for Activity Guide 2

  • Related Actions and Content.  These are configurable in PI and have been extended from 8.52
  • Activity Guides.  This is new for 8.53 and is PIA configurable means of implementing a guided procedure/process using bound components, iScripts and even external content.  Instances of a particular pass through the process can be saved and tracked.    On boarding a new employee with the need to reference many different components would be a great use case for this.  They utilise Work Centres and contain navigation buttons and instance state management.  (see Guide 1 & 2 pics above)
  • Pivot Grids.  These arrived in 8.52 but have had some significant improvements made with smart filters, drilldown in grid and the ability to include Related Actions.  Nice!
Is that enough for today?  More tomorrow with news of Oracle SES in PeopleTools and hopefully more of a clue to the GA of 8.53.

PS Checkout these street musicians.  These guides played like this for about 20 mins.  As an ex drummer myself this level of drumming is pretty impressive.  Enjoy!

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Ayesha Jaffar said...

Hello Graham,
Can you please help me that how can i enable delivered languages (i.e Arabic) for people soft camps solution that if i login then some delivered components appear in Arabic. Now if i login then no Arabic is shown just base language appears.