Thursday, 4 October 2012

OOW Day 3

Well it's the end of Day 3 (day 4 if you count Sunday) at oracle OpenWorld 2012 and the PeopleSoft sessions are buzzing with customers and partners, the demo pods are alive with discussions with the product experts and talk of upgrades, new implementations.  This is the value of these events - People!

PeopleSoft Update Manager

So, according to my interpretation of one of today's sessions the way in which PeopleSoft plan to deliver product updates is changing.  PeopleSoft Update Manage (PUM)  is a new tool for identifying, analysing, planning and deploying updates.  Part of this process involves Oracle releasing a fully updated application all set to run in a VirtualBox machine.  This will be main available for download every 8 weeks and will be a complete, fully updated and ready to run PeopleSoft system.  Nice!

This downloadable PeopleSoft Image (PI) will ony be available for Apps 9.2 but the new method of identifying, packaging and applying updates will be available for any release.

Read about it in the PeopleTools 8.53 RVP

and this My Oracle Support document says it all 1465172.1

Change Assistant will continue to be the software used to apply these packages and from 8.53 it will include features such as three way PeopleCode compare and merge, compare reports can be run as part of a CA job and support from the new PUM delivery model.

PeopleTools 8.53 Beta Panel

Oxfam is taking part in the PeopleTool 8.53 beta programme along with with other customers and partners - Boeing, Intrasee, GreyHeller and Succeed Consulting.  Jeff Robins (PeopleTools Strategy) hosted a panel session feature 4 of these.  The big message?  Well it's early days of the beta testing but

1) The infrastructure, install and setup is all very familiar and worked very well
2) The delivered VirtualBox appliance means you get a demo system up and running in under 20 mins.

PeopleTools Tips and Techniques

Then it was off to hear Oracle's Jim Marion with his ever popular session on PeopleTools Tips & Techniques.  From low level PeopleCode tips to high level sys admin helpers this is one slide deck to try and get hold of when they're published.  Much of what Jim's teaching here is in his book and he continues to demonstrate the power of the PeopleTools development framework.

Want to know the best way to clear out all the values in a PeopleCode aray?

&array.len = 0;

Of course.... simple really.  One of his big messages here was "know the language".

My day ended with this in the classic Mel's Diner.

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