Friday, 26 April 2013

UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow 2013

Good day in London with a capacity crowd of PeopleSoft customers, partners and Oracle staff for the annual UKOUG EMEA PeopleSoft Roadshow.

Featuring Marc Weintraub (Director, PeopleSoft Applications Strategy) and Jeff Robbins (Senior Director, PeopleTools Strategy) along with customers and partners talking about the value of the latest PeopleSoft and PeopleTools releases.

Here's a few one liners, facts and other interesting things that caught my attention during the day.

  • Oracle has 1,100 PeopleSoft staff in Applications and PeopleTools development team.
  • PeopleSoft applications have 37,000 person years of development effort invested.
  • Thomas Kurian (Oracle EVP Product Development) confirms that the PeopleSoft applications strategy is fully aligned with Oracles application strategy.
    • User experience
    • Capability
    • Lower TCO
    • Coexistance
  • Big messages from Marc Weintraub
    • Oracle offers choice
    • PeopleSoft customers are "fiercely loyal". Huge take up of 9.1 apps
    • PeopleSoft applications and tools are still receiving heavy investment
  • Key PeopleTools 8.53 features highlighted by Jeff Robbins
    • Search vs Menu Driven paradigm (object first then action)
    • Guided navigation (Activity Guides and Train Stop processes)
    • Embedded actionable analytics (Pivot Grids)
    • User productivity (Dashboards, Work Centres)
    • Mobile applications for mobile workforce (using iScripts, HTML5)
    • PeopleSoft Upgdate Manager (using 8 week cycle fully patched and functioning VMs) Very nice!
  • PeopleTools Future?
    • Next Generation UI for mobile and desktop
    • Extending functionality of Pivot Grid and Search
    • Support for Endeca
    • Make TCO of PeopleSoft on Private Cloud lower than SaaS.
    • Time Ten access for nVision

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