Thursday, 3 October 2013

How to put PeopleSoft credentials into SOAP request

If you have the User/Password Required checked on for a SOAP based Service Operation then you'll need to supply the PeopleSoft user credentials in the SOAP header request.  This is what the wsse section of the SOAP request looks like.  You'll likely want to enable https so that your plain text username and password is encrypted.


sunil vamsi krishna pakalapati said...


Did you by any chance integrated from PeopleSoft to Fusion Do Orchestration Order service??

I was unable to pass the oracle policy name from PSFT message. Oracle security policy name is a global setting in Fusion SOA webservice. Implemented SAML token, still fusion service expects this policyname from the PSFT message.

Graham said...

Sorry Sunil. This integration was not with Fusion.