Thursday, 23 January 2014

One PC - Five Virtual Machines

Having a simple and quick way to get at fully functioning virtual images of the entire PeopleSoft stack for each application is great news for customers and partners.

See PeopleSoft Demo Image Homepage at MyOracleSupport

Claims of "you can run these images on a PC" are true but ..... how "quick" this stuff works has a lot to do with the speed of your disks.

I originally started up these images on my laptop = downloading, unzipping, combining multipart files, importing, snapshotting and providing our project access team network access..... phew!!!!  Yes... it does work... but it's hard work.

My project team is working on an FSCM 9.2 upgrade project and so invested in a super fast PC. List price of all this kit is under £900.

Technical Specification:

On my production kit I get a PSPing time of 0.3 seconds and on this fast PC I get 0.12 seconds.  Overall performance is similarly impressive.   

PS Ping on our FSCM Production System
PS Ping on our project team Fast PC with SSD

This is what it is.  Just a fast PC.  No failover, no redundant parts, no sophisticated management.... just a fast PC that imports the PeopleSoft image in under 2 mins and boots one from scratch in under 1 min. 30 seconds. 
High speed import of Image in VirtualBox
The geek in me just had
to post a picture !

So put this all together and this is what it looks like.....

3 x PeopleSoft images running in VirtualBox
2 x Windows XP machines running in VMWare Player