Friday, 16 May 2014

South Sudan Crisis

Many of my friends and colleagues in the Oracle and PeopleSoft world know that I work for Oxfam.  I've talked many times about how PeopleSoft applications support Oxfam's worldwide project management, finance and supply chain logistics systems.

This time I'd like to highlight the human crisis in South Sudan.  

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"Since conflict broke out in December 2013,thousands have died, and more than 800,000 people have been displaced within South Sudan, with a further 300,000 fleeing to neighbouring countries. In total, nearly 3.7 million people need urgent humanitarian support now.

Many have lost everything they own and are living in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Our teams on the ground report acute shortages of clean drinking water and a lack of health facilities and basic sanitation, creating a growing public health risk to both displaced people and the communities hosting them.
Without a huge and sustained international relief effort, the situation is set to deteriorate further. More than 200,000 children are already suffering severe acute malnutrition, and an estimated 7 million people - well over half of the population - risk not having enough to eat in the months ahead.
Families forced from their homes have had to leave the crops and animals they depend on for food and income. Most were not able to plant crops, so there will be no harvest in the coming months and no food stored to see them through next year."