Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OOW 2014 Day 1 - PeopleSoft Technology Update and Roadmap

Jeff Robbins (Senior Director PeopleSoft Technology Strategy) led a useful discussion on overall technology direction for PeopleSoft.

Jeff's main focus was on the continuous and rapid development of technology - quoting Moores Law in his overview of where we've come from - where we are and where we're heading.  My personal take is that it's anyone's guess as to where we go next. Could anyone imagine 5 years ago how ubiquitous smartphones and tablets were going to be?  Anyway...

In PeopleSoft applications, the focus is all about increasing the usability on multiple platforms - especially mobile devices (cell phones and tablets).  An increasing number of companies have some sort of Bring Your Own Device policy and there was "an expectation from workers that their business applications should be easy to use".  Sounds reasonable to me.

The PeopleSoft response to this has been to introduce Fluid - a new complimentary user interface to the "classic" PIA interface.   Read about it in 8.54 PeopleBooks here .  Fluid is designed to dynamically adjust the layout dependent on the form factor (size) of the display device and to have a crisp, clean, white-space look.

Fluid Tiles on a Tablet Device
There's plenty of stuff out there on fluid and others have blogged already about this new user interface so I won't say much.  Just a few significant highlights:
  • Fluid is enabled through PeopleTools 8.54 (Now shipped with PUM image 008)
  • It does not replace the "classic" PIA interface
  • PIA pages cannot be converted automatically to Fluid.  Fluid pages will need to built from scratch.
  • It's Oracle's plan to deliver Fluid apps in the key self service type areas and that all new devlopment would be done in Fluid.  (I'm sure I heard this )
  • The first FSCM and HCM fluid apps will appear as part of regular PUM maintenance from November 2014.  (no additional license fee.  It'll come in the PUM images.  Nice!)

What's Coming in future PeopleTools releases?

"PeopleTools 8.55 is already being worked on" confirms Jeff.  No surprise there.  With a planned 18 month gap between tools releases we should see 8.55 by OOW 2015.  

Subject to Safe Harbor Statement they're planning the following:
  • Activity Guides in Fluid
  • Master/detail pages in Fluid
  • Pivot Grids in Fluid
  • Enhancements in self service analytics
  • Ongoing application usability improvements
Finally, Jeff makes the observation that in the new continuous delivery model of PeopleSoft Applications that "once customers are on 9.2 they will never need to upgrade again".  (he means BIG upgrade like say from 9.0 to 9.2).  And, that customers will to need to re-evaluate the way in which they apply product updates. PUM Images are being released every 10 weeks and will contain application enhancements and new features.  Customers will need to adapt to this new model of software delivery.

future:  Pivot Grid in Fluid

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