Monday, 29 September 2014

OOW Day 1. PeopleSoft Apps Roadmap

In the spirit of OOW main theme I'm blogging from my mobile phone.   So.... my posts will be brief and characterised by typos and grammatical errors.

Here goes...

PeopleSoft Road Map.   

Paco Aubrejuan (head of PeopleSoft) talked over the main themes of PeopleSoft applications...
+ mobile apps delivered in new 8.54 fluid interface
+ new fluid apps will be delivered as maintenance 2-3 times a year. So no additional license fee.
+ Hcm apps in October
+ fscm apps later in 2014
+ no plans for 9.3
+ PeopleSoft is the only Oracle app that can deliver this in a continuous delivery model
+ fluid aimed at casual and executive users
+ runs on any platform
+ "finally"  unified all the work flow across products.  ie one place for all events /actions from workflow

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