Monday, 29 September 2014

Oracle ACE Director Briefings 2014 - Day 2

Day 2 of the Oracle ACE briefings was torrent of information on new developments ...
  •  MySQL database (Toms Ulin, VP of MySQL Engineering), 
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service (Gene Eun - Senior Principal Product Marketing Director),
  • Oracle BI Platform (Vasu Murthy - Senior Director Product Management), 
  • Oracle Database (Penny Avril  - VP Product Management)
  • Apex  (David Peake - Senior Principal Product Manager) 
  • Java and virtualization products by the super cool Wim Coekaerts - Senior VP Linux and Virtualization)
  • There was also a fascinating interview with Bob Evans (Senior VP, Chief Communications Officer, Oracle).  

Fascinating data from the MySQL team..... "Facebook runs on over 50,000 MySQL database servers".  When you look at who's running on MySQL it's really quite surprising and impressive - Facebook, LinkedIn, YpouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, eBay, TicketMaster.

And finally..... by super-enthusiast and former ACE Director Steven Feuerstein (Database Architect)

First there was SQL.... Big Data gave us NoSQL...  then NewSQL .. (after the NoSQL guys realised they needed a Quey Language for these new large-scale datasets)... but now there's .... YesSQL.......

YesSQL ... An initiative by Oracle to celebrate SQL and PL/SQL and a move to fan the fire of enthusiasm for the SQL and PL/SQL languages.- the power of which is sometimes forgotten with all the plethora of language now available when building database applications (Pythom, PHP, Ruby, Java, Scala, Perl, C'#, ASP.NET, etc).  

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