Friday, 3 October 2014

Enable Fluid Home Link in FSCM PUM Image 008

I wanted to start experimenting with the new Fluid user interface in PeopleTools 8.54 and as Image 008 shipped on 8.54 I thought it would be a good place to start.  However, I found that the cref link to the Fluid Homepage was not visible for some unknown reason.

If anyone can shed any light on why this is invisible I'd love to know.  Anyway, with some assistance from my good friend Jim Marion (Jim's PeopleSoft Journal) we discovered that by creating a new link from the delivered link we can get access to the fluid homepage.


Matthew said...

Thanks Graham, that all worked fine.

I used a recent version of Firefox as my corporate browser is IE10 and I know Fluid isn't supported on IE10. However when I tried IE10 it worked.

At the OUG earlier in the year I thought Jeff Robins said that Fluid would 'sense' the browser and wouldn't work unless IE was v11. Based on my test I'd say that wasn't the case and this opens up the possibility of using Fluid on IE10, even though its not certified.

Any thoughts?

Piyush Sareen said...

Hi Graham,
thank you for your guidance. I am infact facing some challenges in getting the Fluid homepage in the correct format. I did follow all the steps as per your post but when I go to the hmepage on my IE 11 laptop, it opens up a page with data but not in eth correct format. it seems as if some style sheet is missing. how should I proceed from here?
thank you.

John and Julie said...

Hey Graham,
Have also been attempting to get the Fluid Homepage to appear ( tools 8.4. ) Thanks for the tip on making a copy. The copied link appears when using IE10. We discovered that the delivered Homepage link will appear if we use the Chrome browser instead of IE10.

That is just an additional piece of the puzzle.