Friday, 3 October 2014

OOW 2014 Day 2 Integration Broker

Dan Cenido is a leading specialist in PeopleSoft Integration Technology.

He spoke with great enthusiasm on the success of the PeopleTools engineers in building a feature rich, standards compliant and highly performing enterprise service system - PeopleTools Integration Broker.

Dan first gave a quick recap on what we have in previous releases

  • In 8.51 we got Documents
  • In 8.52 more standards compliance, scalability and the first cut of REST.
  • In 8.53 REST with JSON response and the URI builder

And now ...In the latest 8.54 release Dan highlighted a number of new features including....
  • a document can now return HTML (I guess this is in there for MAP )
  • Improvements in REST
  • Transaction Tracker ("enables you to track/debug inbound and outbound integrations between the local node and all other nodes defined in the integration network.")
  • Gateway properties can now be saved in the database so when upgrading the file can be recreated easily.
  • Node Lockdown.  This allows you to preserve (lock) properties os a node so when upgrading a Node object from source to target the locked target properties do not get overwritten.

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