Friday, 23 January 2015

Tangerine Stylesheet Bug

Swan Style - High Contrast Blue/White Labels
Many of my users have complained about the poor contrast of colours in the 8.53 Tangerine style. The old Swan style had high contrasting white text on blue background and our useability tests and feedback of PeopleSoft 9.2 applications showed that users didn't like the pale "tangerine" text on the pale blue background.

Good news is that this is a bug and is easily fixed.

It wasn't until just before we went live on FSCM 9.2 on tools 8.53 that we discovered there's a bug in the stylesheet classes that controls label font weight in group box, grid and scroll headers.

The scroll, group box and frame headers are all supposed to be BOLD.  You can see the difference in the image above.  On a busy page the bold font gives a much better contrast and makes the page much easier to read and navigate.

Tangerine style in 8.53 alongside 8.54 - Note the BOLD higher contrasting headers

Seems like this is fixed in 8.54 tools but not in any 8.53 patch I know of.  (checked in 8.53.19 but still not fixed).

It's really easy to fix yourself and well worth it.

There are at least 9 style classes that need to be modified (or overriden using a sub-stylesheet if you prefer not to edit the delivered PTSTYLDEF_TANGERINE). These are the ones I've identified but there are almost certainly more (for example pagelet header labels).

For each class set the Font Weight attribute = Bold.