Friday, 15 May 2015

My last day at Oxfam

Today is my last day at Oxfam. After over 18 years I figured it was time to move on and gain some new experiences.

Oxfam has been using PeopleSoft applications since 2000 and I joined the team in 1997 on a 1 year contract to help with supplier selection and implementation.  I loved it so much I stayed another 16 years.  Oxfam now has over 4,000 users in around 75 countries using PeopleSoft FSCM and HR to manage their global finances, logistics, project management and HR functions.


It's been a thrilling place to work - the challenges have been many and great but the people and Oxfam's mission have made it all more than worthwhile.  We have, together as a team, produced a system that has made a real difference to Oxfam's work worldwide.  I'm immensely proud to have been part of that and count it a real privilege to have worked with some truly wonderful people.

But the future holds some new challenges and experiences.  I'm looking forward to joining the team at Cedar Consulting and will, of course, still be part of the Oracle PeopleSoft community.


Iouri Chadour said...

Graham,good luck ! Thank you for contributions to the community. Congrats on joining Duncan and the team.

DuncanDavies said...

It's going to be great to have you on board.

Maybe when we're in the same office I'll finally be able to persuade you to do an "I'm Graham Smith and this is how I work" blog post :-)

Abbas M said...

Hi Graham, it was great to work with you over those years at Oxfam GB. I've learnt immensely from you and of course from other team members.

I'll miss you here in the Oxfam House but please come over for a cuppa when you have some time. It will be great to catch up with you.

Good luck with your new challenges.

Abbas @ Oxfam IS.

Jim Marion said...

Graham, I wish you the very best!

You better write a "this is how I work" post for Duncan. Now that you share an office, Duncan has enough access to you to take photos and write a, "He is Graham and this is how he works" blog post.

rambabu yellapu said...

Hi Jim,

I created new fluid page in peopleosft but i am getting few errors. i think those error's are patches problem. now it's solve the problem. but exact issue how to create fluid page we fallow the tutorial. but we are not getting our page so can u please tell me how to create fluid page in application designer step by step with setup also and show me the same page in front end. is their any setup's are required can u pls give me that information also. we are legally waiting for your replay. if you want share any documents could you please share it my mail id (

Thanks & Regards,

Graham said...

@Rambabu I highly recommend a new book, Mobile Applications Development for PeopleSoft by Jim and Sarah Marion. It has a really good intro chapter on building Fluid applications.

Good luck. Happy developing!