Tuesday, 27 October 2015

OpenWorld 2015 Monday

What a great privilege it is to be part of the annual Oracle OpenWorld conference and to meet Oracle staff and customers here in sunny San Francisco.

Larry Ellison's Opening Keynote can be found here.

Let me try and sum up my day.

Firstly, the theme of this years conference ?  Cloud .  Oracle are naturally talking about their cloud services - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - HCM Cloud, ERP Cloud, Marketing Cloud etc.

Having attended a number of sessions today and presented one myself here are my 5 take-aways from today's conference.

1. "PeopleTools is going to brought into the Selective Adoption model" (Greg Parikh, Vice President of Oracle PeopleSoft Information Development)  Always thought this was going to be too difficult or expensive for PeopleSoft to do.  So, either I heard incorrectly or Greg meant something else.

Tips & Techniques from Jim Marion
2. Jim Marion's excellent "PeopleTools Tips & Techniques" session covered a number of "tips". My favourite was the new 8.54 Websockets feature.  Allows a browser client to open a presistant connection (websocket) with the PeopleSoft web server and receive push messages from the Web Server to the client.

Selective Adoption Panel
3. Selective Adoption Panel (Ataway, Deloitte MIPRO) and It appears there may still be some confusion around the basics of Selective Adoption and in using the PeopleSoft Update Manager.  If anyone needs any help then Selective Adoption experts, Cedar Consulting, would be more than happy to help - please contact them here. Selective Adoption at Cedar.  Hearing a lot of concerns about making sure your're on a PeopleTools release that is certified with the updates you're applying.  Firstly, this is nothing new.  PeopleSoft users have always needed to be on a certain PeopleTools release before applying some updates - the difference now is that because selective adoption is making it significantly easier to apply updates then the probability that a PeopleTools upgrade may also be required is high.  Secondly, don't get confused over the PeopleTools release that Change Assistant requires to run and the PeopleTools release of your target system.

4. I presented on PeopleSoft UI: Fluid, Classic or Both? A Decision for every customer.  If you missed it or need to download the slides you can get them here.  Thank you to those that came along, showed an interest and asked questions.

5. Great session featuring two PeopleSoft 9.2 customers Boeing and BDO USA talking about the positive experience with PeopleSoft WorkCenters.  They showed clear value in WorkCenters in terms of reduced clicks for common transactions, improved one-stop navigation, increase in user takeup and adoption of system.  They clearly showed that WorkCenters are more than just navigation aids but can be used for processing transaction without even leaving the WorkCenter.

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