Wednesday, 28 October 2015

OpenWorld 2015 Tuesday

Today in the PeopleSoft stream of this massive Oracle OpenWorld conference the key messages have been

1. FLUID:  All applications being built going forward will be built using Fluid technology.  It is the primary UI.  It's not just a mobile technology.  It is the PeopleSoft UI now. Classic, of course will still be available and supported.

2. SEARCH:  In response to concerns over the future of Oracle SES the announcement today is that Elastic Search will be available to use sometime in 2016.

No PeopleSoft SaaS

3. CLOUD:  Oracle are NOT investing in a PeopleSoft SaaS offering.  However, tools and features are being added to PeopleSoft in order to make it much easier to manage in a private or public cloud environment.

Cloud "enable" PeopleSoft

4. PEOPLETOOLS 8.55+:  A whole ton of new features and improvements arriving in PeopleTools 8.55 and beyond including
  • Fluid Dashboards
  • Fluid Activity Guides with horizontal and vertical train-stops
  • User will see the Fluid Homepage when they login as default now.
  • Tile Wizard (like Pagelet Wizard)
  • Central Homepage administration with push mechanism to deploy to users
  • Tiles can now be resized by the user
  • Navbar will now remember your context when it's collapsed and works a lot faster 
  • Fluid Master/Detail pages

Fluid WorkCentres 

Fluid Simplified Analytics

Fluid Drag and Drop Forms Builder

Fluid Related Content

Fluid Cloud Attachments (wonder why Oracle Cloud Storage is not there?)

Fluid NavBar Improvements

Fluid User Preferences

Improved Fluid Approvals / Workflow

I ended the day with my Cedar Consulting colleague and friend Duncan Davies (aka The PeopleSoft Tipster) on the Penthouse roof terrace of The Battery for a UK Partner networking event and BBQ.

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