Monday, 5 October 2015

Oracle OpenWorld 2015

5 things not to miss at this years Oracle OpenWorld conference.

1. What's coming in PeopleTools 8.55?  Lookout specifically for information on what the tools team has done to make PeopleTools more cloud ready and what this means in practical terms.   The PeopleTools development team never disappoint.   Checkout the following sessions for all the detail...

2. Top PeopleTools blogger and developer expert Jim Marion will be presenting his ever popular PeopleSoft Developer: Tips and Techniques [CON8596] on Monday @ 12.15pm Moscone West 3007.  Always amazed at how much Jim packs into these famous Tips & Techniques sessions and with the creative ideas he gives us.

3. Lookout for Jim's new book  PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Mobile Applications Development .  Order now from Amazon or pick one of at the Oracle bookstore.  I'm sure Jim, along with many other members of the PeopleSoft team, will be around on the DemoGrounds to answer questions and demo all the latest stuff.

4. The PeopleSoft Tipster and Cedar technical consultant, Duncan Davies, will be presenting on Selective Adoption with Mark Thomas from Hays Recruitment.  PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Experiences from the Front Line [CON7071] is sure to filled with front-line real world experiences, tips and ideas on how to make Selective Adoption work for you.  Thursday @ 9.30am Moscone West #3003.

5. If you're doing anything with Fluid UI then you might want to look in on my own session on PeopleSoft UI: Fluid, Classic, or Both? A Decision for Every Customer - [CON2848] on Monday @ 4.00pm in Moscone West #3016.  I'll try and unpack the many choices around designing a user interface that works best for your users and figure out what to do with Classic UI now that we have Fluid UI.

Members of the Cedar Consulting team are presenting twice on this packed PeopleSoft agenda stream.  We were so excited at this opportunity to share our knowledge and discuss we produced a video.....

Looking forward to meeting with this wonderful PeopleSoft community again.   See you at OpenWorld.

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