Thursday, 29 October 2015

OpenWorld 2015 Wednesday

Another packed day of great PeopleSoft news, tips and networking.  Just a few of my favourites from today

1.  PeopleSoft Cloud Deployment Architecture.  So, the PeopleSoft strategy guys have said that Oracle are not going to selling PeopleSoft SaaS.  However, the whole installation and deployment paradigm is changing with PeopleTools 8.55 and this will make it much easier to deploy to Oracle Public Cloud or any other public or private cloud or virtualisation platform.  New tools and processes will help customers provision and deploy new PeopleSoft instances automatically.

2.  Automated Configuration Manager (ACM).  Another exciting feature presented by Mark Hoernemann and Biju Narayanan from the Oracle Platforms team which is coming with PeopleTools 8.55 (which is "coming out very soon").
ACM will allow customers to automate the configuration and setup of parts of a PeopleSoft system once a new instance has been deployed.  All the components that administrators used to have to configure manually or with scripts such as Node Definitions, Integration Broker, Gateway Nodes, REN Server, Process Schedulers, URL objects, etc, will all now be orchestrated in meta data registered in your PeopleSoft system. Very powerful. Great time saver and will help customers improve quality and delivery time of new system instances.

3. PeopleSoft Update Manager Customisation Analysis.  Coming in 8.55 is a new feature which will take meta data about your customised objects, load it up into the PeopleSoft Image and then when you create a Change Package it will cross reference it with your customisation.  Now you can see immediatley the effect of the updates on your customisations without having to load the package project up into App Designer and run the compare reports.  Can't wait to see this in action.

So much more from today but after a fantastic musical treat from Sir Elton John at the Oracle Appereciation Party it's too late to type any more.

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