Monday, 7 December 2015

Paste from ClipBoard into Grid - PeopleCode Friday #4

A number of times in my PeopleSoft career I have been asked by users if I can provide a paste from the Windows clipboard into a grid.  Typical use cases include pasting Excel data into a grid or bulk loading text.

I've seen some PeopleCode and Javascript developer friends of mine code some really neat solutions but here I'm not going to attempt anything fancy.  I offer this code fragment for what it is - ruthlessly simple.

PIA Page with paste window and results grid

App Designer Page

Local Rowset &rs = GetRowset(Scroll.GRS_TBL);
Local array of string &aRows;
Local array of string &aFields;

&aString = CreateArray("");
&aFields = CreateArray("");

&aRows = Split(GRS_WRK.HTMLAREA, Char(10));

For &i = 1 To &aRows.Len
   &aFields = Split(&aRows [&i], "|");
   &rs(&i).GRS_TBL.SELNUM.Value = &aFields [1];
   &rs(&i).GRS_TBL.DESCR.Value = &aFields [2];

Some observations:

  • You can obviously change the separator from | (pipe) to whatever works for you. Comma is useful when pasting from Excel.
  • You will want to add some structure checking code.  If you're expecting 2 fields but a user pastes 3 then you'll want to trap that.  
  • You may want to do some datatype validation to avoid generating PeopleCode or component processor errors.
  • You could get really smart and create a button which reads data directly from the clipboard.  Most browsers don't allow you to do this for security reasons but there are ways to configure browsers to trust the clipboard.  
  • I've been using this recently to repeatedly flush and reload data into tables on a new application I've been building.  I went as far as making the table name a parameter and setting GETFIELD(n).Value rather than an explicit field name as I had numerous tables to populate.
Any other ideas or suggestions then, as usual, just post comments below.