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OpenWorld 2016 - Day 4 - Wednesday

The Oracle Key Message of OOW16

Day 4 of this "epic" conference began with one of the PeopleSoft big themes this year - Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft: PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface.  With lots of useful reminders and advice from Oracle's Matthew Haavisto, Pramod Agrawal and blogger/developer Sasank Vemana from Florida State University.

Here's my takeaways from this session.
  • PeopleTools 8.55 now has Fluid 
    • Activity Guides
    • WorkCentres
    • Navigation Collection pages
    • Simplified Analytics
    • Related Actions
  • Advised customers to follow the PeopleSoft UX Design Standards 
Sasank gave a useful overview of the universities mobile strategy involving a blending of various technologies including PeopleSoft Fluid, ModoLabs and PeopleMobile and ERP Firewall from GreyHeller.  

Matthew, Ramasimha and Kevin 

ElasticSearch Update

Only one session at the conference on PeopleSoft and ElasticSearch featuring Oracle's Matthew Haavisto and Ramasimha Rangaraju (Product Development) and Kevin Antoff from Wells Fargo.
Key Elastic Take-Aways

ElasticSearch is a proven, robust and high performance search engine and the PeopleTools team are committed to making the transition as easy and as painless as possible.  Wells Fargo have been working with Oracle to test performance and get the integrations ready and the results have been very positive.  Wells Fargo volumes are large enough to keep most PeopleSoft customers satisfied with over 4.5 million job applications a year indexed.  They've seen a 50% improvement in indexing speed and a "dramatic" improvement in search speed.  
Elastic Transition Steps
Customers will need to get Elastic software from Oracle as a few additional integration components have been added.  The installation will be done using a new DPK package but supported platforms will be limited to only those that are certified for Elastic - Windows and Linux (so no support for Solaris).  PeopleSoft have engineered the Search Framework configuration so you can define the new Elastic search instance and simply re-use the existing search definitions all while the existing SES search instance is operational.  The effect of this should be zero down time as transition occurs. 

All the front end search interface and index design pages all stay the same with the new Elastic search and the process of performing an initial full index followed by incremental partial indexes will also remain the same.  However, a particularly nice design change that has been made is that the Elastic search server will now subscribe to Integration Broker messages generated by the PeopleSoft indexing process.  With SES it's the other way around in that PeopleSoft pushes data to SES.  What this means in practice is that as PeopleSoft publishes data changes, Elastic will immediately subscribe to them and update the indexes.  This opens the way for PeopleSoft transaction page updates to publish a single update message which Elastic will immediately pickup.   No more out of date indexes.  

The one missing bit of information is which PeopleTools 8.55 patch Elastic will be available on.

Fluid Approvals

With FSCM Image 020 the MAP based approvals have been completely replaced with Fluid Approvals.  (MAP and Fluid are the two mobile platforms available in PeopleTools). This needs a longer write-up as there's some exciting things here but for now here's just some highlights:
  • Fluid Approvals is part of Enterprise Components not PeopleTools
  • MAP as a PeopleTools integration / mobile technology is not going away (in fact is being enhanced in 8.56)
  • Each pillar will adopt Fluid Approvals in an Update Image (HCM will come in image 020).
  • Cross pillar unified approvals view (ie showing approvals from both HCM and FSCM say) will not be possible unless both pillars are using the Fluid Approval framework.
  • Page Composer is used to configure the approvals list and detail views.  Page Composer is only supported for use with Approvals at the moment and whilst nothing has been announced by Oracle it's pretty clear the vision for Page Composer is far broader than just approvals.  Could be the way we build Fluid apps in the future (see my prediction #7 here)

Fluid Approvals is clever. But needs some explanation (coming soon)

Customer Appreciation Event at the AT&T Stadium

And then on to the home of the San Francisco Giants with 50,000+ conference delegates. Just a few photos from an interesting musical experience with Gwen Stefani and an awesome blast of nostalgia from Sting.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

OpenWorld 2016 - Day 3 - Tuesday

What will happen if I walk through the Tunnel of "O" ?
Tuesday is traditionally when you get to hear about all the new PeopleSoft stuff and today was no exception.  There's so much to talk about that I don't have time right now to anything more than just bullet some of the highlights.  I hope you find this useful.

Mark, Maria, Amira and Alexandra

(1) Practical Recommendations for Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface with PeopleSoft ERP.  

A panel session with members of the PeopleSoft FSCM product management and strategy team Alexandra Masters (SRM Product Management), Amira Morcos(Director of Financials Strategy),Marc Weintraub (Director PeopleSoft Strategy) & Maria Pollieri (ESA/Projects Product Management) .  These are just a few of their recommendations:
(sorry... didn't catch everyones titles so forgive me if I get them wrong).

  • Don't wait until you're on 8.55. You can implement Fluid on 8.54
  • Roll out incrementally. Find small user group and one or two Fluid apps to start with
  • Approvals functionality is key in FSCM and Image 020 contains completely new Fluid Approvals software which replaces MAP Approvals (which, incidentally goes out of support in June 2017 so you need be quick!)
  • Use Fluid as one of the tools to show senior management that PeopleSoft has value to your organisation
  • Use the Oracle Community Ideas space to suggest and vote on enhancement requests.

(2) General Session: Todays PeopleSoft is Intuitive, Powerful, and in the Cloud. 

Paco Aubrejuan has an impossible job of cramming in all the innovations of the last year into 45 mins.  But he did a cracking job. Will write more later but for now here's the highlights with some photos. 

Fluid news

Quote of the session "we're going to make it hard for you not to take Fluid".  

(I think this was Paco's way of encouraging customers to adopt Fluid).  Over 300 customers are know to have implemented Fluid apps so far and quite a few were sharing their stories at OpenWorld including my good friends at Oxfam.  
Oxfam Logo right at the top of Pacos slide. Nice!

A new stylesheets will be available in 8.56 called Classic Plus. It'll take a Classic page and make it "look" (not behave) like Fluid. This is an obvious thing to do and one that will make a big difference to users that switch between Classic and Fluid on the desktop.  
Classic Plus

Recap of Fluid features added since last OpenWorld

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a front-end to DPKs and the Oracle Compute Cloud written in PeopleTools and made available via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  Use PCM to define your instance types (web, app, batch, Elastic, etc), the size (cpu, memory, disk) and the zones it belongs to (dev, test, prod). You can then create environments from these templates, start them, stop and tear-down (delete) them all from a Fluid based management console. Nice !  very nice.  Only works on Oracle Cloud though so you won't the benefit of this on Amazon or Azure.  This could be a real differentiator for Oracle.  Paco did a live demo! Very impressive. 

Fluid Expenses

Another live demo from Paco showed new Fluid expense entry where he used SMS texting to send an image of his receipt to Twilio who process this and drop the receipt into his Expenses Wallet in PeopleSoft.  Cool integration with messaging partner Twilio.  
SMS Expenses

Employee Snapshot

PeopleSoft HCM has a dashboard for Talent Summary. This is now written in Fluid and called Employee Snapshot.  I took a photo.  It looked nice and live demo from Paco.
Employee Snapshot

Elastic Search

Long awaited news on Elastic search and .... we still don't know which 8.55 patch release it will come with.   They did announce that they had been testing Elastic with Wells Fargo and that results were very positive.  
Elastic News

Page Composer for Approvals

It's just for approval Fluid pages at the moment but this looks like it's set to be the way we're going to be building all Fluid pages going forward.   Live demo from Paco!

Page Composer.

I have just run out of time.... so I'm going to hit publish and hope to have some time later to continue Day 3.

OpenWorld 2016 - Day 2 - Monday

More than just a conference theme.  Oracle is fully committed to all things Cloud
"Choose Your Cloud"

Oracle Cloud Machine

Choose your cloud ... and the choices are... "Public Cloud" or "Cloud at Customer".  So, for customers who don't want their data physically leaving their own data centres Oracle now have the "Cloud Machine" or "Cloud at Customer".  This is a simply brilliant idea and as far as I know none of the other cloud vendors has a solution like this.  In a nutshell you can have any of the Oracle IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud services but they're all hosted in a "black-box" machine which Oracle supply and maintain and which is located in your data centre.  This sounds like hardware rental but it's very different in that Oracle fully manage the device(s) and the Cloud services are all charged at the same Public Cloud rate. (there's a minimum starting config and you need to commit for a specific amount of time but you still pay the same rate as if you were on the Oracle Public Cloud).  Secured behind customers own firewalls and seamlessly integrated with Oracle Public Cloud this sounds like a neat solution to security concerns or corporate data policies which restrict the movement of data.

PeopleSoft Live Talk! Marc Weintraub and Greg Parikh

This entertaining PeopleSoft opener of the conference had a simple message....

The place to go for everything you need to know about PeoplerSoft Concepts, Applications, Technology, Peoplesoft on Oracle Cloud, and so much more.

The Spotlight Series and the Video Feature Overviews are also great places to go for information on PeopleSoft apps and tech.

Mark and Greg introduced the key themes for the PeopleSoft conference stream:

Jim Marion - PeopleTools Tips and Techniques

Standing room only at Jim's session. As always Jim delivered a valuable set of tips for using Event
Mapping, POI for reading & writing binary data, D3 libraries that are hidden away in PeopleTools 8.55 and Oracle JET components such as KnockoutJS.  Jim also gave a live and crystal clear walk-through of Fluid page design, what some of the UI layout issues are and how to solve them.  Jim has blogged extensively on JavaScript and more recently on JET here if you're a code monkey and enjoy this kind of thing.  Jim's technical skills combined the GreyHeller's mobile and security innovations should make a great combination.

These are just some of my highlights from this day at OpenWorld. As always the PeopleSoft team based on the Demo grounds are on hand to talk and listen to customers.  It's hard work to man these booths and so thank you to the PeopleSoft tools and apps people who make this such a valuable space at the conference.

PeopleSoft FSCM Showcase

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

OpenWorld - Day 1 - Sunday

The sky is blue, there's not a cloud in sight and it's very hot.  San Francisco is noisy and busy and Oracle OpenWorld 2016 has started.  Oracle are making up for the absence of airborne clouds. 

Cloud is not merely the conference theme this year but Oracle's corporate goal.  They want to see everyone using their cloud platform and software.

PeopleSoft users.... do not fear.  PeopleSoft has always been able to run in the cloud and with the release of PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture in 8.55 and the Oracle Marketplace Update Image Templates there are some great opportunities for customers.  More on this on my Day 2 update.

Sunday Morning

There was a great turnout for the Life Hacks for PeopleSoft session given by top blogger Sasank Vemana from Florida State University.  He demonstrated the power of PeopleSoft Branding using Macro Sets and Themes, something he's been blogging about for some time with very useful step by step examples.  You can find them all here 

He went on to talk about the value of one of the JET components RequireJS for managing custom JavaScript modules - a simple solution to a very real problem the only JavaScript developers will know about.  He also talked about KnockoutJS (another JET component now included with PeopleTools 8.55) and demonstrated page data binding.   You can read more on this on Sasank's blog here

The code writing experience in PeopleSoft (PeopleCode, SQL, HTML, JavaScript) has improved slightly in recent releases of PeopleTools especially for the PeopleCode editor in App Designer. But writing JavaScript directly in PeopleSoft in App Designer or in PIA is not a great experience.  Sasank demonstrated a way to embed the Ace web editor into the PIA page used to edit JavaScript. Nice!  Very nice!  (and it's free).  Ace is the editor used on Cloud9 IDE which I've been using for some time for writing JavaScript and Python online.  Check it out.  You can get a free account for one workspace.

He closed this highly informative session by showing a live demo of Google's reCaptcha plugin added onto the PeopleSoft signon page.  This can help protect your site from hacking by web bots.

Sunday (part ii)

My wife, Jo Lock, is here at OpenWorld to talk about her experiences at Oxfam GB with PeopleSoft Fluid user interface and so we took the chance to enjoy some of San Francisco.

Walked through China Town to Pier 41, lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe on pier 39, hired some bikes and cycled across the Golden Gate bridge (8 miles and some BIG hills), caught the ferry back from Sausalito across the bay to San Francisco and took the Cable Car back to Powell Street.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

OpenWorld 2016 - My Top 10 Agenda Highlights

I cannot believe it's a year since OpenWorld 2015.  Some say it's age that makes time go faster, some say it has something to with not watching a boiling kettle, or that time flies when you're having fun... still others say it has something to with the orbit of Jupiter and it's proximity to the Earth....hmmm... well I have a different theory.

Time flies when you're busy playing with all the great Oracle toys released in the last 18 months. 

Oracle Compute (IaaS) and Database (DBaaS) Services, PeopleTools 8.55, PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture DPKs, ACM, Oracle Marketplace provisioning of PeopleSoft Images, release of FSCM PUM Images 016, 017, 018, 019 and 020, HCM Images 015, 016, 017 and 018, to name but a few.  And when you're busy ... time flies.  There's simply not enough time to play with all the toys as much as I'd like to.

This is a great dilemma to have.  Can you imagine working with a dead, end of life product, where there was no investment and no strategic thought going into it's future and direction, no innovative and enthusiastic community of people who love to talk and share about how to get the best out of our investment?  So...I'm confident Oracle won't let up on the innovations this year; and our wonderful community of people will keep sharing;  and so we should expect this years Oracle OpenWorld conference to be another great one and another busy year of play.

The conference agenda is packed as always and I've struggled to keep my agenda highlights down to 10. But here goes. I look forward to seeing old and new friends at this years conference.  My top 10 agenda highlights for the 2016 conference are:


Sasank Vemana
#1 Life Hacks for PeopleSoft Development [UGF2499]- Sasank Vemana on Sunday @ 09:15 am
Sasank is a top PeopleSoft expert and blogger .  Anything he has to say on tips and techniques will be well worth rising early for on what is likely to be your first conference session of the week.  Good luck Sasank.


#2 Customer Successes with PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface [CON5090]- 4 customers including Jo Lock from Oxfam GB @ 1:45 pm
Customers want to hear other customer success stories.  I know for sure that Jo Lock, PeopleSoft Functional Lead from Oxfam GB, has a great story to tell of how Fluid is making a real difference at Oxfam (I even have Jo's name tattooed on my left arm!)

#3 PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture: Practical Applications and Use Cases [CON3672] - Graham Smith @ 1:45pm
Is this a first for OpenWorld?  Husband and wife up against each other on the agenda.  If you want to hear about running PeopleSoft in the cloud then come to my session. If you want to hear about what customers have done with Fluid then go to the session where my wife is on the panel (really... I won't be offended.)

Jim Marion
#4 Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft: PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips and Techniques [CON7070]- Jim Marion @ 4:15 pm
Need I say more. PeopleTools expert, blogger and author of three great books .  Jim draws a crowd because he knows his stuff and freely shares his insights into exploiting your investment in PeopleSoft.  Hoping this session is still on given Jim's exciting move to PeopleSoft mobile and security specialists GreyHeller (  UPDATE: This session is still on


#5 General Session: Today’s PeopleSoft is Intuitive, Powerful, and in the Cloud [GEN5077] - Paco Aubrejuan & Marc Weintraub @ 12:15pm
DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION.  The Paco & Marc show is the key PeopleSoft session for understanding where PeopleSoft is going.  Looking forward to hearing about new application innovations, PeopleTools 8.56 and beyond and what Oracle has in store for PeopleSoft in the cloud.
Paco Aubrejuan - Senior Vice President, PeopleSoft Enterprise,

#6 PeopleSoft Technology Roadmap [CON7061] - Jeff Robbins @ 4:00pm
DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION.  PeopleSoft Technology is the foundation on which great apps are built. What's new in PeopleTools and what's on the horizon?  This is always a good session to be at and Jeff is a great presenter.

#7 Hands-On with PeopleSoft: Value of PeopleSoft in Oracle Cloud [CON7072] - Jeff Robbins @ 5:15pm
You've always been able to run PeopleSoft in the cloud.  So, what's new?  Is there some new "secret sauce"?


#8 Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft: Transitioning to Elasticsearch [CON7066] - Matthew Haavisto @ 12:15pm
It's here !!!  Hello Elastic - Goodbye SES.  Nuff said.

#9 Hands-On with PeopleSoft: A Successful PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rollout [CON7063] - Dave Bain @ 3:00pm
King Solomon said in the book of Proverbs "there's wisdom in the counsel of many" .  So, if your're working on Fluid projects or thinking about it then come and here some more "counsel".


#10 PeopleSoft in the Cloud: Real-World Experiences [CON7064] - Jeff Robbins and Oracle Partner panel @ 10.45am
Have you noticed there's a "cloud" theme to this years conference.  I think that cloud is just a set of solutions to some common IT challenges and Cedar Consulting will be joining with other Oracle Partners to share their experiences.

#11 Meet the Experts: PeopleSoft PeopleTools [MTE7726] @ 10:45
I'd be happy to sit around drinking coffee and tins of "interesting-conference-supplied" grape juice all day with these guys.  This is what you paid your conference ticket for (apart from Billy Joel of course. But then you can't drink coffee with him)

#12 Hands-On with PeopleSoft: Develop Practices to Harden and Protect PeopleSoft [CON7074] - Greg Kelly @ 2:30pm
The last session of the day of the last day of the conference but one of THE MOST IMPORTANT -  security insights from Oracle's PeopleSoft security guru Greg Kelly delivered with his usual Irish wit and candour.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

PeopleSoft Predictions 2016


I regularly get into conversations with PeopleSoft customers, consultants and others about the future of PeopleSoft.  There is no doubt that Oracle continues to invest heavily in PeopleSoft technology and applications and I don't think there's been a more exciting time to be a PeopleSoft customer.  Is it just me or does it feel like that in recent years there's been a huge increase in the new release of new features, enhancements and new technology in the PeopleSoft products?  This product is far from being in maintenance mode.

  • Best in KLAS winners for ERP systems in the healthcare sector, a leading student administration solution for university campuses and the feature rich HR system used by some of the largest organisations in the world.
  • Recent (since 2013) innovations from Oracle include continuous delivery of features through Selective Adoption, responsive mobile ready UI (Fluid), PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture, Pivot Grids, WorkCentres, powerful facet based search (SES), REST based web services, Push messaging technology, Activity Guides, PeopleTools Test Framework, inclusion of JQuery and Oracle JET, and more.  And this is just referencing the underlying technology and development framework.  I haven't spoken of the thousands of new features and enhancements across the applications themselves.

So, talking about the past and present is easy.  But what does the future look like?  Here's some of my thoughts on what might happen in the Oracle PeopleSoft world.  I reserve the right to be proved right when these predictions come true and I reserve the right to change my mind as time goes by.

(Actually some of these things have already happened since I started writing this blog)

1) One click provisioning of PeopleSoft Update Images in the Oracle Compute Cloud.  I've been saying for some time now that Oracle were very likely to allow customers to buy on a pay as you go basis a PeopleSoft Update Image on the Oracle Computer Cloud.  You can now do this through the Oracle Cloud MarketPlace.    Read more here or access the images here and search for PeopleSoft.

2) Easy Migration of existing on-premise PeopleSoft instances to the Oracle Cloud.  Actually this already exists as of 8.55 and is part of the DPK toolkit.  I think we'll see this process get easier in time.  Read more here

3) One click provisioning of individual PeopleSoft components in the Oracle Compute Cloud.   Tuxedo, WebLogic, PS_HOME file systems, Batch Servers are all commodity items in the PeopleSoft stack.  Yes... they can be configured and tuned but the platform itself is pretty much black-boxed as far as PeopleSoft is concerned (in my opinion).  A natural step is for Oracle allow customers to provision individual components in the Oracle Compute Cloud and plug them together with other Cloud based components or even on-premise components.  WebLogic doesn't even need an operating system either as since 11g you can run in just JRockit in  hypervisor mode.  I wonder what Oracle will do with one of it's most recent, Feb 2016, acquisition Ravello Systems, specialists in virtualisation, instance provisioning and cloud management tools.

4) PeopleSoft on Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS).  An Oracle PeopleSoft database in the Oracle Cloud.  I predict we'll see this as a deployment option when installing PeopleSoft or when migrating an on-premise instance.  An easy, low cost, pay as you go, hassle free database platform for all those test, development, trial, UAT, training instances of PeopleSoft and soon, one day, even production.  Read more here  I'll be writing in more depth on my experiences of getting a PeopleSoft instance operational in the Oracle Database Cloud soon.

5) Automatic patching of Oracle Cloud provisioned components.  I predict this will be a service offered by Oracle and/or Partners.  If the component is running in the Oracle cloud then why can't you pay some extra $ and have all the latest security updates and bug fixes  automatically applied.  As Dan and Kyle ( point out in a recent podcast this may well take other forms as such as patching a shadow component and hot swapping the old for the new.  Either way,  I don't worry if my electricity supplier has patched their sub-stations.... I pay for a service and they deliver.  One day PeopleSoft component will be purchased in a similar way.

6) PeopleSoft Update Manager in the Oracle Cloud.  I think that prediction (5) above will extend to include PeopleSoft application and PeopleTools updates.  I wonder what this might look like as an automated service?  A monthly subscription to keep your PeopleSoft application up to date with every new PeopleSoft Update Image?

7) PIA(web) based drag and drop development of Fluid pages.  The beauty, power, future proofing and extensibility of PeopleSoft is the underlying PeopleTools meta data driven architecture.  Ha !!! GENIUS!!!  It made the transition form WIN32 client apps to HTML based pages relatively straight forward and it will make the development of a drag and drop web based page and component designer for building Fluid pages a natural evolution.  We already have seen this with the drag and drop Forms Designer.   Combine this with the powerful Event Mapping framework which allows customisations without customising and hey-presto you have a cloud application that you can extend and modify.

Happy to be proved wrong on all of these.  But one thing seems certain to me.  PeopleSoft has a bright future whether you're deciding to stay on premise or moving to the cloud.

Comments, suggestions, discussion and other predictions welcome in the comments below.

Many thanks for reading this far.  :-)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

AMIS25 Beyond the Horizon Conference 2016

I've just returned from the AMIS25 Beyond the Horizon conference in the Netherlands.  AMIS are celebrating their 25th anniversary and put on a top rate conference with Oracle technology speakers from around the world.  They also hosted the OTN Cloud Developer Challenge at which I had the privilege of leading a team.  Featuring 30 ACE Directors from around the world the challenge was to design solutions using Oracle Cloud Services.

Here are my highlights from the 2 day conference.

Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle) with some slick, live JET demos
1) Oracle JET : Two excellent live demo sessions from Paco Van Der Linden (AMIS) and Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle).  Both gave live coding demonstrations of the JavaScript Extension Toolkit which is not a new JavaScript framework but rather a toolkit of the "best of what's available and what's most stable".  Oracle JET is included as part of PeopleTools 8.55 now and we should start to see PeopleSoft applications using these rather clever tools for charting, responsive UI, data binding of page UI elements and more.

AMIS developer Maarten Smeets on ICS Adapters

2) Why Build an Oracle Cloud Adapter: Maarten Smeets (AMIS) talked through the challenging development of new Oracle Cloud based adapters for Oracle's Integration Cloud Service.  More information on ICS adapters from Oracle here including a list of currently available adapters.  Probably best not to build one that someones already built.   You can find Maarten's excellent presentation here along with his example source code.

Prof. Steinbuch blows our minds with robotics
3) Keynote: The future of cars, robots and humans: Professor Maarten Steinbuch from Eindhoven University of Technology gave a thought provoking and captivating insight into robotics currently available, prototypes in the pipeline and what the future might look like.  He affirmed Moore's Law still to be valid and expects computing power to continue to double every few years.  If you want to understand what that might look like then if you take a 35 steps and double the size of the step each time then you'll have traveled around the world  several times!!!  This is fun to do with grains of rice on a chessboard too.   He discussed self drive cars (now a reality thanks to Tesla) and AI robot pets for the elderly who are too frail to keep a pet and the truly amazing robots that can assist a surgeon to stitch together 2mm diameter blood vessels. Whether you agree with this level of advancement or not it's happening.  

Reactive Programming Intro - Paco Van Der Linden
4) Reactive Programming: Paco Van Der Linden (AMIS).  I had never heard of reactive programming but in the world of web development the developer has to worry about asynchronous events and data streams.  This paradigm (with accompanying libraries ReactiveX) makes things a whole lot easier.  Many of my reader's world will consist of PeopleTools and maybe a bit of JavaScript so might be wondering if this is all relevant to them.  Well, it's probably not if you just stay with the synchronous model of PIA component interaction.  PeopleTools is nice as we generally only have one event at a time to manage and the component processor and client-side JavaScript does all the hard work for us.  But, I wonder where PeopleTools will go with an increasing demand for smarter and ever simpler UIs.

Database on Oracle VM Magic from ACE Director Francisco
5) Oracle VM for Oracle Databases.  Francisco Munoz Alvarez (ACED).  So here's a conundrum.  Which should be faster?  
  1. Oracle database running on dedicated hardware (using Linux),
  2. Oracle database running on the same hardware but on a virtual machine (using Linux) inside Oracle VM hypervisor
Interestingly enough.... the answer is (2) - the database running inside Oracle VM !!!!  At least... it is according to Oracle ACE Director Francisco Alvarez.  How can introducing another layer of software (the hypervisor) possibly increase the performance?  No one seemed to know... but this was a fascinating deep dive into the value of visualization to Oracle databases.  Given that Oracle VM is free to use it might just be worth some time testing it for yourself.

All the other sessions from the AMIS conference can be found on the AMIS Technology blog.

OTN Cloud Developer Challenge 

My project for the Cloud Developer Challenge was to demonstrate 100% PeopleSoft Patching in the Oracle Cloud.  This involved:
  1. building a PeopleSoft Demo Database using Oracle Database Cloud Service 
  2. provisioning a PeopleSoft Update Image instance in the Oracle Compute Cloud Service using an image from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  3. provisioning a Windows 2012 r2 server instance in the Oracle Compute Cloud on which to run PeopleSoft Change Assistant.
I'm gong to tell this story in detail very soon.

OTN Cloud Developer Challenge teams hard at work
Honestly Geertjan.... we are listening to your product briefing

Super Cool, inflatable session rooms.

Friday, 20 May 2016

PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture, PeopleSoft Predictions and more ...

I think the community building work of Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson through their site is terrific.  I highly recommend their podcasts, videos, discussion and blogs.  Recently, I had a great time chatting with Dan & Kyle and you can listen to the podcast here.

We talked about warm air produced by power supplies, loading 8" floppy disks into an IBM 36 and occasionally you can hear, in the background, a Class 43 Diesel heading into London as it passes my garden office  .... we also talked about PeopleSoft including the huge investment that Oracle continues to put into the applications and technology, what is the "cloud", what is "PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture", what does the automation of some admin tasks mean to the PeopleSoft administrator role and also some of my own thoughts on the exciting future of PeopleSoft.

Friday, 22 April 2016

UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow 2016

What a great day at the annual UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow.

My top 5 highlights include
  1. Networking with Customers, Oracle and Partners.  Discussing new stuff, sharing stories, showing our tech-scars and solving problems.  Love it!
  2. Hearing all the latest from Marc Weintraub, Director of PeopleSoft Product Strategy at Oracle.  He's an engaging speaker and covered a huge range of topics including PeopleTools 8.55 and beyond, PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture, Oracle Compute Cloud Services, PeopleSoft ERP(FSCM) and HCM application updates.  The innovations and pace of new and exciting features is quite astonishing. 
  3. From PeopleTools 8.56 the monthly patch releases will start to include feature enhancements to PeopleTools.  This is an exciting prospect.

    The engineer in me loves PeopleTools.  One of those meta data based, domain specific programming frameworks where the language is used to develop and enhance the language itself.  (For example....  Q. what is PeopleTools Query Manager written in ?  A. PeopleTools ).
  4. Oracle Compute Cloud has a Database as a Service offering.  PeopleSoft can run on this platform  Very exciting for those temporary and transient instances of PeopleSoft that you need to spin up for development, testing, training etc but you don't want to buy another RDBMS license or go to the expense and trouble of finding a server, installing and then ongoing patching and maintenance.  I'll be blogging more on this very soon.
  5. And finally... I got a chance to discuss in detail some of the learning experiences of using the new PeopleSoft DPKs on both VirtualBox and Native.  The PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture really is another game changer for PeopleSoft customers in a similar way to Selective Adoption.  I'll be blogging more on this soon too.