Friday, 20 May 2016

PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture, PeopleSoft Predictions and more ...

I think the community building work of Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson through their site is terrific.  I highly recommend their podcasts, videos, discussion and blogs.  Recently, I had a great time chatting with Dan & Kyle and you can listen to the podcast here.

We talked about warm air produced by power supplies, loading 8" floppy disks into an IBM 36 and occasionally you can hear, in the background, a Class 43 Diesel heading into London as it passes my garden office  .... we also talked about PeopleSoft including the huge investment that Oracle continues to put into the applications and technology, what is the "cloud", what is "PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture", what does the automation of some admin tasks mean to the PeopleSoft administrator role and also some of my own thoughts on the exciting future of PeopleSoft.