Wednesday, 21 September 2016

OpenWorld 2016 - Day 3 - Tuesday

What will happen if I walk through the Tunnel of "O" ?
Tuesday is traditionally when you get to hear about all the new PeopleSoft stuff and today was no exception.  There's so much to talk about that I don't have time right now to anything more than just bullet some of the highlights.  I hope you find this useful.

Mark, Maria, Amira and Alexandra

(1) Practical Recommendations for Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface with PeopleSoft ERP.  

A panel session with members of the PeopleSoft FSCM product management and strategy team Alexandra Masters (SRM Product Management), Amira Morcos(Director of Financials Strategy),Marc Weintraub (Director PeopleSoft Strategy) & Maria Pollieri (ESA/Projects Product Management) .  These are just a few of their recommendations:
(sorry... didn't catch everyones titles so forgive me if I get them wrong).

  • Don't wait until you're on 8.55. You can implement Fluid on 8.54
  • Roll out incrementally. Find small user group and one or two Fluid apps to start with
  • Approvals functionality is key in FSCM and Image 020 contains completely new Fluid Approvals software which replaces MAP Approvals (which, incidentally goes out of support in June 2017 so you need be quick!)
  • Use Fluid as one of the tools to show senior management that PeopleSoft has value to your organisation
  • Use the Oracle Community Ideas space to suggest and vote on enhancement requests.

(2) General Session: Todays PeopleSoft is Intuitive, Powerful, and in the Cloud. 

Paco Aubrejuan has an impossible job of cramming in all the innovations of the last year into 45 mins.  But he did a cracking job. Will write more later but for now here's the highlights with some photos. 

Fluid news

Quote of the session "we're going to make it hard for you not to take Fluid".  

(I think this was Paco's way of encouraging customers to adopt Fluid).  Over 300 customers are know to have implemented Fluid apps so far and quite a few were sharing their stories at OpenWorld including my good friends at Oxfam.  
Oxfam Logo right at the top of Pacos slide. Nice!

A new stylesheets will be available in 8.56 called Classic Plus. It'll take a Classic page and make it "look" (not behave) like Fluid. This is an obvious thing to do and one that will make a big difference to users that switch between Classic and Fluid on the desktop.  
Classic Plus

Recap of Fluid features added since last OpenWorld

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a front-end to DPKs and the Oracle Compute Cloud written in PeopleTools and made available via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  Use PCM to define your instance types (web, app, batch, Elastic, etc), the size (cpu, memory, disk) and the zones it belongs to (dev, test, prod). You can then create environments from these templates, start them, stop and tear-down (delete) them all from a Fluid based management console. Nice !  very nice.  Only works on Oracle Cloud though so you won't the benefit of this on Amazon or Azure.  This could be a real differentiator for Oracle.  Paco did a live demo! Very impressive. 

Fluid Expenses

Another live demo from Paco showed new Fluid expense entry where he used SMS texting to send an image of his receipt to Twilio who process this and drop the receipt into his Expenses Wallet in PeopleSoft.  Cool integration with messaging partner Twilio.  
SMS Expenses

Employee Snapshot

PeopleSoft HCM has a dashboard for Talent Summary. This is now written in Fluid and called Employee Snapshot.  I took a photo.  It looked nice and live demo from Paco.
Employee Snapshot

Elastic Search

Long awaited news on Elastic search and .... we still don't know which 8.55 patch release it will come with.   They did announce that they had been testing Elastic with Wells Fargo and that results were very positive.  
Elastic News

Page Composer for Approvals

It's just for approval Fluid pages at the moment but this looks like it's set to be the way we're going to be building all Fluid pages going forward.   Live demo from Paco!

Page Composer.

I have just run out of time.... so I'm going to hit publish and hope to have some time later to continue Day 3.

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