Tuesday, 20 September 2016

OpenWorld - Day 1 - Sunday

The sky is blue, there's not a cloud in sight and it's very hot.  San Francisco is noisy and busy and Oracle OpenWorld 2016 has started.  Oracle are making up for the absence of airborne clouds. 

Cloud is not merely the conference theme this year but Oracle's corporate goal.  They want to see everyone using their cloud platform and software.

PeopleSoft users.... do not fear.  PeopleSoft has always been able to run in the cloud and with the release of PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture in 8.55 and the Oracle Marketplace Update Image Templates there are some great opportunities for customers.  More on this on my Day 2 update.

Sunday Morning

There was a great turnout for the Life Hacks for PeopleSoft session given by top blogger Sasank Vemana from Florida State University.  He demonstrated the power of PeopleSoft Branding using Macro Sets and Themes, something he's been blogging about for some time with very useful step by step examples.  You can find them all here https://pe0ples0ft.blogspot.com/search/label/Branding 

He went on to talk about the value of one of the JET components RequireJS for managing custom JavaScript modules - a simple solution to a very real problem the only JavaScript developers will know about.  He also talked about KnockoutJS (another JET component now included with PeopleTools 8.55) and demonstrated page data binding.   You can read more on this on Sasank's blog here https://pe0ples0ft.blogspot.com/2016/09/flu-ui-oj-ko-data-binding-demo.html.

The code writing experience in PeopleSoft (PeopleCode, SQL, HTML, JavaScript) has improved slightly in recent releases of PeopleTools especially for the PeopleCode editor in App Designer. But writing JavaScript directly in PeopleSoft in App Designer or in PIA is not a great experience.  Sasank demonstrated a way to embed the Ace web editor into the PIA page used to edit JavaScript. Nice!  Very nice!  (and it's free).  Ace is the editor used on Cloud9 IDE which I've been using for some time for writing JavaScript and Python online.  Check it out.  You can get a free account for one workspace.

He closed this highly informative session by showing a live demo of Google's reCaptcha plugin added onto the PeopleSoft signon page.  This can help protect your site from hacking by web bots.

Sunday (part ii)

My wife, Jo Lock, is here at OpenWorld to talk about her experiences at Oxfam GB with PeopleSoft Fluid user interface and so we took the chance to enjoy some of San Francisco.

Walked through China Town to Pier 41, lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe on pier 39, hired some bikes and cycled across the Golden Gate bridge (8 miles and some BIG hills), caught the ferry back from Sausalito across the bay to San Francisco and took the Cable Car back to Powell Street.


Sasank Vemana said...

Thanks for the write up Graham! Now I don't have to feel that bad for not being in the habit of taking notes! I will come back to your blog after the conference. ;)

P.S.: Great photos in Part ii!

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