Wednesday, 8 February 2017

PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud

In 2016 Oracle released the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture in 8.55, PeopleSoft Update Images on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and produced a significant amount of tutorials and guides on running and managing PeopleSoft instances in the Oracle Compute Cloud.

Exciting times.  There are some real opportunities here for customers to take advantage of the benefits of cloud - including cost savings, converting capital expenditure to operational, infinite on-demand compute capacity, performance improvements, ease of management, subscription based costs, simplification of database and operating system licenses, and more.

I wrote an article "PeopleSoft and the Cloud" which was published in the December edition of UKOUG's Oracle Scene magazine and I wanted to begin a series of discussions on the benefits and practicalities of running PeopleSoft in the cloud.

Let's simply start with "What is the cloud?"

My definition is quite simple.  When a vendor claims to provide compute infrastructure, platform (database and middleware) and application services they should exhibit these key characteristics:

1) Infinite On-Demand Compute Capacity.  If you need more compute capacity (servers or storage) then it's got to be available immediately.  If your "cloud" provider needs a few weeks or even a few days notice to provision additional servers then it's not cloud... it's hosting.  Compute capacity must be available on-demand.

2) Pay As You Go.  Subscription based pricing where you only pay for what you use is another characteristic of cloud.  If you can't quickly and easily add a few more servers because "it's not in your contract" then it's not cloud.

3) Automated Routine Operations.  Relocating one piece of server hardware in my data centre for another similar piece of hardware in someone elses data centre may still give some benefit in terms of cost saving, performance improvement and increased security.  However, what I really want is a cloud service that provides automation of routine operations such as server monitoring, operating system and application upgrades and patches.  SaaS typically provides this service but IaaS and PaaS should too.

Opportunities for PeopleSoft customers:

Experts in PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud
  • Host your PeopleSoft Update Image in the Oracle Cloud
  • Lift and Shift your PeopleSoft environments into the Oracle Cloud
  • Implement PeopleSoft Cloud Manager (when it's released) to manage your PeopleSoft instances in the Oracle Compute Cloud
  • Get upgraded to PeopleSoft 9.2.  Highly recommend talking with Cedar Consulting.  We run a very popular Rapid 9.2 Upgrade Masterclass and have completed 16 upgrades to-date with another 3 currently in flight. 
  • Implement a Selective Adoption Strategy.  Cedar Consulting are experts in Selective Adoption and can help your organisation gain the value from the continuous software delivery model that is in PeopleSoft 9.2.

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