Sunday, 14 May 2017

5 Things about the UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow on 26 April

It was very hard to pick only 5 things from the annual UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow event but ... somehow... I did it.

1) ORACLE SPEAKERS: It was wonderful to have Marc Weintraub (Senior Director, Product Strategy) and Julie Alonso (PeopleSoft HCM Product Manager) attend this annual one day event to recap on recent new features and enhancements in PeopleSoft applications and technology and to share with us news about the exciting things that are in the pipeline.
Marc Weintraub (Oracle) - UKOUG Welcome

2) ONGOING INVESTMENT: Oracle continue to invest heavily in PeopleSoft applications and PeopleTools and have performed some real "magic" with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.  PeopleSoft has proven itself over and over again to be a robust and highly extensible and adaptable system for running enterprises.  A skilled innovator is only as good as the tools they have available and the 1,100 innovators in PeopleSoft development team around the world continue to bring more and more value to our PeopleSoft systems.

More PeopleSoft value - Julie Alonso (Oracle)
PeopleSoft ticks all the boxes for me:

  • Strong commitment from Oracle and continued investment.
  • Broad and deep functionality.
  • Highly configurable for complex and demanding global organisations.
  • New features and functionality released every few months.
  • Customers can choose which features to take and when to adopt them (Selective Adoption).
  • Mobile enabled through the Fluid user interface.
  • Highly scaleable, standards based integration framework.
  • Complete development environment to build your own fully integrated applications
  • Ability to fix bugs yourself or make customisations (all the source code is accessible)
  • Features like Event Mapping allow you to customise without actually customising.
  • PeopleSoft runs in any cloud thanks to PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture and has the "game changing" Cloud Manager, a platform to support easy provisioning, cloning and management of PeopleSoft instances in the Oracle Compute Cloud.

3) COMMUNITY: The PeopleSoft community of customers and partners is strong in the UK.  Much of the value of these events is found in networking with other users and Oracle and in sharing ideas, stories and solutions.  I love this aspect of user groups and in the PeopleSoft world and I find most of the chatter at events is about the exciting new features rather than grumbling about the product.


4) LIVE DEMOS: There was a time when only the brave (or mad) did a live PeopleSoft demo during a conference presentation but now, it's expected and commonplace.  At this Roadshow event there were plenty of live demos of PeopleSoft all of which went exceptionally well.  These included:
Live PS instance provisioning in Oracle Cloud
* Guided Self Service in HCM from Julie Alonso, Oracle.
* Related Content and Fluid Development tips from Sarah Hurley and Naman Jain from Cedar Consulting.
* PeopleTools Test Framework - brilliant demo and insight from Ken De Landro, Hays.
* Provisioning an entire instance of PeopleSoft HCM Image 022 in the Oracle Cloud using Cloud Manager .

Black Friar Public House

5) NETWORKING: At what other user group in the world can you end with after event drinks and networking at the historic 1875 built Black Friar public house in central London.

Drinks at the Black Friar