Wednesday, 13 September 2017

5 Things to look out for at OpenWorld 2017 - Part 1

Are you going to OpenWorld this year?  Along with many others in our wonderful PeopleSoft community I'll be blogging in real-time (well near-time anyway) throughout so you'll get my take on proceedings if you can't be there.

So to get things started here's my Top 5 Presentations to look out for at OpenWorld 2017.

1)  Life Hacks for PeopleSoft Development by Sasank Vermana on Sunday @ 12:45
Sasank is a prolific blogger with a most valuable array of tips, ideas and techniques for PeopleSoft developers.  His session is sure to loaded with goodies.

2) Advanced PeopleSoft Administration Using the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture by Dan & Kyle @ 3:45
The community is thriving and the work that Dan & Kyle have done in spreading the word about DPK, ACM, Puppet, Hiera, YAML and all those other things that scare the heck out of most has been outstanding.  Don't miss this!

3) PeopleSoft General Session: Product Line Update and Ongoing Investment Strategy by Paco Aubrejuan  and Marc Weintraub @ 12:15
Paco Aubrejuan
Paco leads the entire PeopleSoft division and Marc is in product strategy.  Paco's practical, hands-on style and Marc's passion and enthusiasm for PeopleSoft makes this investment and strategic insight an essential for the week.

4) PeopleSoft Technology Roadmap by David Bain on Monday @ 2:15
Last year's OpenWorld seemed to be missing the traditional technology roadmap.  PeopleTools is one of the key reasons why PeopleSoft applications remain future proof and so hearing about what's coming up is always useful.  Dave's first time at the OpenWorld helm for this session but he's a great speaker and I'm sure this will be a packed and useful session.

5) PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and Selective Adoption by Graham Smith on Monday @ 5:45
This is my session ... but hey.... it's my blog so I can include what I like.  :-)  I hope, if you're still awake at the end of the first day of this busy conference, that you'll stop by Moscone South (305)  to come and hear some real life stuff on how Oracle Cloud can help your PeopleSoft Selective Adoption strategy.  Something for everyone here.

6) Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Tips and Techniques by Jim Marion on Tuesday @ 12:45
Great news that Jim's annual Tips & Techniques session is on the agenda again this year.  Even though Jim doesn't work for Oracle anymore this shows just how much his skills and experience are valued along with his continued contributions to the PeopleSoft community. Again, don't miss this one!

Yes...yes... yes... i know.  I can't count.  I just couldn't get it down to 5.  (there'll be another top 5 coming soon anyway).

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