Tuesday, 3 October 2017

OOW17 Sunday Day 1

Moscone Centre - OpenWorld 2017
It's a blue San Francisco sky and the buildings, buses, flags and posters are all red.  Yep... it's Oracle OpenWorld.  It's 2017 and Oracle have the gloves off - it's Oracle Cloud vs Amazon AWS.

Self aware database?
Watch Larry Ellison's Sunday night keynote for all the news and live race-demos of Oracle Cloud vs AWS.  Larry argues that Oracle Cloud  is cheaper, faster with higher availability than AWS for data-warehouse loads.  He also featured Oracle's new "autonomous database" - fully automated, real-time security patching, tunes itself, can assign additional compute resources when it's needed without downtime and more is coming in the data warehouse product available in December 2017.  (Apparently Amazon spent $60m on Oracle technology this year).   Oracle continue to be serious about becoming the number one player in the cloud services space.  Oh yes... they intend to win this battle.

Sasank addresses a packed room on Sunday
Most of the PeopleSoft sessions are located in Moscone South this year and after a painless registration and collecting my disappointingly empty conference backpack (not even a pen! ) I made my way up to floor 3 for some terrific Life Hacks for PeopleSoft by Sasank Vemana - PeopleSoft, JavaScript, Fluid and CSS genius.... I'm not even going to try to cover anything in my update today - simply going to point you to his very useful blog.  These were some of the things he did live coding demonstrations of.
Sasank also wins my Quote of the day.... "Somehow the stars were aligned and Push Notifications started working".  Thank you Sasank :-)

Now I'm a "real" PS Admin - no more pretending !
Today I feel like I made it into the special club of PeopleSoft Administrators.  I was given a very special badge -- a laptop sticker from Dan & Kyle at psadmin.io .  Thank you !

These guys have brought together an amazing grass roots community  of PeopleSoft techs/admins/DBAs and developers on their Slack channel and have been prolific pod casters, bloggers and all round useful repository of vital information on DPK, ACM , Puppet and all things YAML.  So, this session on all things PCA (PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture) certainly ticked all the boxes with a really neat live demo of a DPK reconfiguration of PIA and some very useful insights into how GIT can be used effectively to manage DPK code and configurations.  Download their presentation, become members of the Slack channel, listen to the podcasts, sign up for the DPK training and join the fun.    What their presentation shows is that fully automating the installation and configuration of PeopleSoft instances is not just a dream.... start small, learn more advanced DPK features, broaden the scope and automate more each time.

Dan & Kyle - captains of admin

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