Thursday, 8 February 2018

5 Things to do with your PeopleSoft system in 2018

Well 2018 is well under way and already I've been working on some exciting PeopleSoft things - PeopleTools Upgrades, SES replacements with Elasticsearch, PUM Get Current, REST web services and it's ONLY the beginning of February.

If I didn't wish you a Happy New Year in January then I do so now.  I hope that 2018 is peaceful where you are and that you have many exciting opportunities to make a difference in your corner of the world wherever that might be.

I though it might be useful to highlight my top 5 things that I would generally recommend PeopleSoft user's be looking at this year.

OPTIMIZE: Invest time and effort to optimize your PeopleSoft applications. You could improve your business processes, make your end-users life easier, save money and time and retain and attract the best staff (a companies competency to manage and innovate is judged during the recruitment and on-boarding cycles).  There is so much wrapped up in this one that it requires it's own write-up.  There's going to be no slow down in the PeopleSoft application innovations. Doubt this?  Look at what PeopleSoft have done over the last few years and then listen to this

UPGRADE to 9.2: If you're not on 9.2 then you're missing all the fun.  Amazing user interface, innovative self-service apps, streamlined continuous software updates, mobile enabled, and so much more.  Get onto PeopleSoft 9.2. It's where all the innovation is happening.

UPGRADE PEOPLETOOLS: Upgrade to 8.56 or wait for 8.57. Stay supported, stay secure improve user experience and take advantage of new innovations.  The decision to wait until 8.57 really depends on timing.  If you can't start your tools upgrade until later in the year it may be worth waiting a bit until 8.57 comes out.

MOVE TO ORACLE CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE: Move your PeopleSoft instances to Oracle cloud infrastructure .  Even if this is just your PeopleSoft Update Images, Demo systems or your development instances it's likely you'll see a dramatic improvement in performance, cost saving and agility.  No one generates their own electricity these days so why generate you're own compute and storage.

SWITCH TO ELASTICSEARCH: Replace Oracle SES with Elasticsearch or implement PeopleSoft search framework for the first time.  This is so easy in most cases and is a complete no-brainer. Elasticsearch takes 47 seconds to install and slots in nicely to your existing PeopleSoft instances without too much change required. I recommend following Oracle's advice to get onto PeopleTools 8.55.19 or 8.56.04 Providing search capability against your application data can transform not only how users interact with the system but also how they feel about the system. (Imagine the world wide web without Google or Bing).

So here's to another exciting year with the PeopleSoft technology and software innovators at Oracle.