Tuesday, 23 October 2018

OpenWorld 2018 - Day 1 Monday

The first day of Oracle OpenWorld 2018 and it's been a full day.   Here's a few of my highlights.

Dan and Kyle from
Advanced PeopleSoft Administration Using the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture : Dan and Kyle from gave a brilliant session describing the role of DPK and ACM in the world of automating PeopleSoft installation and configuration.  They included a cool demo of using ACM (Automated Configuration Management) to configure ElasticSearch server and deploy and build a set of selected indexes - all with literally one click.

Jim Marion 
Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Tips and Techniques : Jim Marion from jsmpros walked through some cool development ideas using CSS and Event Mapping to a backed room.  Did you know the Fluid Homepage was "just a grid" ? If it's a grid of rows then we can apply conditional formatting to each tile by injecting our own Page Activate code using Event Mapping.

Paco Aubrejuan
PeopleSoft Update and Vision: Ongoing Investment and Long-Term Support: Paco Aubrejuan heads up the PeopleSoft division at Oracle and in this keynote session successfully crammed into 45 minutes the PeopleSoft vision, strategy  and several live demos of new and upcoming features.

There continues to be an exciting future for PeopleSoft.  Loads of new features and enhancements planned, exciting innovations like chat-bots and digital assistants all backed by a passionate and dedicated team under Paco.

Chatbot in PeopleSoft
Highlights included:
  • Premier Support through to at at least 2030
  • Drop Zones: adding custom fields to delivered pages.
  • New features in Search framework plus new version of ElasticSearch plus Kibana
  • Unified Related Content frames in Fluid
  • Live conversation with a chatbot built using Oracle Mobile Cloud launched from inside PeopleSoft
  • Improvements to LideCycle management tools.
  • Pivot Grid threshold notifications.
  • Define threshold rule and notification 

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