Wednesday, 2 January 2019

5 Things for 2019

Happy New Year !
It's 14 years since Oracle acquired PeopleSoft.  Can you believe that?  Another thing I'm finding hard to believe is that my son was only 3 years old when Oracle paid $10.3 billion USD for PeopleSoft and this month he starts driving lessons.  Where has the time gone ? 

So what does this year hold for you and me? One thing for sure is that the IT industry (a bit like our children) does not stand still.  The PeopleSoft system is no exception to this and with Oracle's vision for PeopleSoft in the cloud and continued investment in new features and functionality we all have lots to focus on in 2019.

So here's my 5 Things for 2019.  As always feel free to comment with opinion and alternatives. In no particular order but with the imminent release of 8.57 for on-premises customers this has to be #1 on my list.

(1) Get up and running on 8.57.  It was actually released back in September 2018 on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager only (see so the clock is already ticking on your 8.56 end of support dates.  General Patches and Platform Certifications support for 8.56 ends on 21st September 2019.  (that’s THIS year folks).    We will probably see 8.57 made available for on-premises installations this month.  If you can't wait then create an Oracle Cloud account, spin up an instance of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, Putty into the PCM instance and access the DPKs from the /cm_psft_dpks mounted folder.
From MOS Doc ID 2238983.2

PeopleSoft in the Cloud
(2) Explore the benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).   For cloud infrastructure there's  Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle OCI …. I guess … take your pick from one, all or none of these.    However, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has some nice benefits over the others if you're running PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and if your database platform is Oracle.

9.2 - Modern, Mobile, Ready for Cloud
(3) Upgrade to 9.2.  If you want an ERP system that has a strong future, committed supplier,  vibrant and enthusiastic user community,  feature rich,  extensible,  runs on mobile, is cloud ready, receives continuous updates throughout the year then don't swap out PeopleSoft for something else…. Upgrade to 9.2.  The team at Cedar Consulting have done so many 9.2 upgrades now we've lost count.  Call us if you need any advice or help.

(4) Action your Selective Adoption Strategy.  You have an investment in PeopleSoft applications that goes way beyond the initial cost of implementation or your last upgrade.  You've invested in managed and structured data, your staff are competent in using PeopleSoft, you've built secure policies and procedures to govern this critical business data and your end-users are familiar with PeopleSoft.  Action your selective adoption strategy.  Otherwise it's like buying an Aston Martin Vantage but never getting it serviced (the  cost of a nice car is more than just the original purchase price).  Get to know what's new in the latest images, run some investigations into possible optimisations and explore new features and functionality.  Get the most out of your investment.
 Oil ... essential maintenance

I would recommend starting with :
  • Get Current on latest image every 12 - 18 months
  • Upgrade to latest PeopleTools release every 12 - 18 months (do this at the same time as Get Current)
  • Apply PeopleTools patches in line with Critical Patch Updates every quarter
  • Review every Image release. Consider adhoc new features and/or bug fixes every 3 months.

Get one of these buttons!
(5) Learn something new every day.  Read the blogs (I use Feedly to manage the dozens of PeopleSoft and Oracle bloggers that I follow), read PeopleSoft Online Library , Sign-up for PeopleSoft Weekly newsletter,  listen to the podcasts, take an online class in CSS, find a friend and meet up every month to exchange ideas and learn together, get a free Oracle cloud account and learn about cloud infrastructure and the joy of sub-nets and security. Whatever you do… do something. And once you learn something…. Share it.  Push the learn button on your keyboard often.

And finally... for now.... I'd like to wish all my PeopleSoft friends around the world a very happy and peaceful 2019.    I look forward to learning more with you this year and working towards improving things for businesses and the workforce.  And remember… it's all about the people!

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