Sunday, 20 January 2019

Did you know? Home Link Now Works

Here's something I came across a few weeks ago that is so blindingly obvious I was blinded by the obviousness and simply didn't notice it.

Classic PeopleSoft pages have a New Window link.  (If you'd like to see this in Fluid vote here )

When the user clicks the New Window link it opens a new browser window with the same URL as the original but with the _newwin string appended to site name.  This string is resolved into a new session state number by PIA servlet.  The session number preserves the state of each component in each new window.  This works fine until you click the HOME link which will reset the session number back to the original causing the session states of your multiple windows to get mixed up and confused.

However,  THIS NOW WORKS OK!   Somewhere around PeopleTools 8.55 or 8.56 (or maybe even earlier) this seems to have been fixed and I didn't notice.  Watch the video below to see this working. 

It's quite likely everyone already knows this and it was only me that wasn't paying attention.  If this blog does nothing else it'll help vote up the New Window Link on Fluid idea on the Oracle Community Ideas Space.

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Sasank Vemana said...

Interesting observation! I did not notice this before. Thanks for sharing Graham.