Wednesday, 11 September 2019

OpenWorld 2019

 Really looking forward to Oracle OpenWorld 2019.  Catching up with friends from PeopleSoft community and learning about all the exciting PeopleSoft product developments are always my highlights.

There's been 3 big themes that we've been focusing on as PeopleSoft users for a few years now.

  1. New features, frameworks and user experience in the PeopleSoft product (never ceases to amaze me just how much the PeopleSoft development teams seem to produce!  )
  2. Reducing the impact of customisations.  Making Customisation Update Safe is one of the keys to taking advantage of the continuous deliver model of the PeopleSoft software lifecycle.
  3. Running PeopleSoft in cloud infrastructure.  PeopleSoft is designed for it and has solutions to many of the automation demands of cloud (an on-premises) infrastructure.  Many organisations are looking to IaaS to reduce their cost of ownership and improve the security, availability and maintenance cycles .
I have the privilege of being selected to present on 2 of these 3 themes at this years conference.  If you're attending the event then I look forward to seeing you and maybe catch you at one of my 2 sessions.

Make Your PeopleSoft Customisations Update Safe (PAN5338)

This panel of PeopleTools experts share their experience of how to customise safely.  Come and join in the discussion. Here's a couple of primers to get you thinking:  Top 5 Customisation Tips from 2018 - PSADMIN.IO Chat on Customisations 
Tuesday 17 Sep @ 5.15pm in Moscone West - Room 2012

Five Top Tips for Running PeopleSoft Cloud Manager (CON4424)

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a great tool for getting started in running PeopleSoft in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  Here's my top 5 tips (maybe more!) on how to get started.   The Magic Button Blog Post
Wednesday 18 Sep @ 3.45pm in Moscone South - Room 155C

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