Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Oracle PeopleSoft India SIG 2020

In December I had the great privilege attending the annual PeopleSoft India SIG meeting held at the Oracle offices in Bangalore.

This is an annual Oracle run special interest group for PeopleSoft customers and partners.  It's my second year attending this event and I love it.  Why?  Because it's a great community of users meeting a great community of Oracle development staff.  And it's an intense 2 days full of very useful information, hands-on activities and an opportunity to talk with product development directly.

Here's a visual walk through of how the 2 days went.

Srilakshmi Ramachandra - Senior Director Product Management & Strategy
This amazing lady and her team are responsible for an outstanding and unique event where PeopleSoft customers and partners are inspired to learn, network and get more from their investment in Oracle applications and technology.

Paco Aubrejuan, Senior VP Product Development
Paco did live demos of chatbots, Kibana and Notifications! (no other Senior VP I know in Oracle does this!)   He gave the event keynote in which he makes crystal clear Oracle’s strong commitment to PeopleSoft applications and customers.

Deepankar Narayanan – VP of Product Development
(Mr PeopleTools Development)

Ram Rangaraju (Senior Director PeopleTools )
Responsible for Search for Core PIA

Pawan Kalra – Senior Development Manager 
(Kibana guy ! )

Mukul Prasad – Senior Product Manager
(specialist OCI architect with a PS Admin background)

Live ChatBot and Kibana hands on labs.

Hungry for knowledge during the hands on labs - Chatbots and Kibana

Tim Durant Senior Director of Software Development - LCM Tools and me chatting about Upgrades

Mark Thomas (IT Director, Hays) sharing some fascinating insights into Robotic Process Automation & PeopleSoft

Samidha Rege – Product Manager (PeopleSoft Chatbots) Sharing exciting roadmap involving Oracle Digital Assistants

Selfie with a room full of PS Admins and PeopleSoft techs.  We had just done a deep dive into PeopleSoft Performance Monitor and everyone was still awake !!!

Sasabindu Acharya – Platform Development - Great demo of Kibana in the 8.58 Health Centre.  This is reason alone to upgrade to 8.58.

 Biju Narayanan (Director of Software Development) & Rajesh Muthukrishnan (Product Manager - CM) with a fabulous step-by-step live demo on how to install and setup PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

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