Monday, 19 October 2009

Wednesday at OOW

OK... so I'm home now and just about over the jetlag. From my earlier post I might have led you to believe that all the happened on Wednesday was this awesome party! Well, that has 4 hours in the evening and the rest of the day was back to back sessions the highlights from which I'm going to try and share here.

PeopleSoft Tips and Tricks - Jim Marion (Oracle)

I've never listened to Jim and been disapointed - this hour was no exception. He's like a "customer of PeopleSoft working in Oracle" with a deep insight into PeopleTools from a developers perspective. Jim's Blog and New Book is a must.

His focus today was on customising PeopleSoft UI and on the more esoteric subject of Domain Specific Languages. He argued that as you wouldn't use PeopleCode to write the next wordprocessing package and that it is a language good for working with PeopleTools meta data that PeopleCode was a DSL. No surprise there for me - just great to hear an expert from Oracle saying this.

He discussed some methods for injecting JavaScript dynamically and contextually into PeopleSoft pages and wow'd the audience with some Web 2.0 enabled pages and he wasn't using the new 8.50 toolset! His blog and the powerpoint related to this session is the best place to get the detail. I'm not going to attempt to convey that here.

Got Enhancements for PeopleSoft PeopleTools?? - Jeff Robins (PeopleTools Strategy)

This session was an open discussion around several enhancements to PeopleTools suggested by customers on Oracle Mix. Again, I'm not going to try and convey the content here. The best thing to do is get into Mix and read the discussions there.

Some interesting debate around the reasons and value behind making App Designer more "modern" and around implementing version control for all objects.

Basically, have your say on Oracle Mix as the PeopleTools strategy team can't do everything for everyone. A very strong message came through that ongoing serious investment in developing PeopleTools and App Designer was planned and that this would be in areas that added nost value to most customers.

My final session of the day was my own that I was presenting. Given that Larry Ellison's keynote ran over by over 40 minutes and was still going when my 5pm session started I had a good number of enthusiastic PeopleSoft developers interested in what I had to say about safge and sound customisations. or... maybe it was the Fair Trade coffee and chocolate I was giving away :-) Any way my eariler blog entry will take you to all the slides if you're interested.

More on Thursdays final day when I get time later this week.

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