Thursday, 4 September 2014

PeopleCode Variable Scope Quiz

***UPDATE.  Question 4 was not clear. Now fixed (hat tip Banksy)

I recently wrote a little quiz for some PeopleSoft developer friends of mine on PeopleCode Variable Scoping.  It's not comprehensive and it may not even be accurate.  It's offered to the PeopleSoft community as a thought provoking item for both new and hardcore PeopleCode developers.

There's only 7 questions.

Please feel free to leave comments, new insights, corrections or other helpful witty banter.


Banksy said...

Q4: shouldn't the question be 'what are the values of &f.value and &g.value? Or should the answer be 'a field'?

Jim Marion said...

Nice! I enjoyed the quiz.

Graham said...

Thanks! Q4. Should read "what are the values of &f.value and &g.value". If you're at OOW2014 I'll buy you a coffee of your choice. :-)

Iouri Chadour said...

Thank you - nice quiz - can definitely be used for interviews!