Friday, 3 October 2014

OOW 2014 Day 3 Gallery

Exhibition Demogrounds
Always... one of the best place to hangout in between sessions is the demo grounds.  Here Oracle specialists from PeopleTools and Apps hang out to demo features and talk with customers.

Manning a demo pod is hard work so thanks to all the Oracle staff that make this corner of the OpenWorld conference so valuable.  I hope you enjoyed the chocolate I left for you.
Mark Johnston (VM & WebLogic guru) and Keith Collins (IB/MAP/Document/REST developer)
Sesha Veerapanini (Senior Principal Software Engineer/Lead SES developer)
Sesha is responsible for the quite brilliant piece of software integration with Oracle SES.  When SES was first embedded in tools 8.52 a few years ago it's just about all PeopleSoft marketing talked and raved about.  It's instrumental in the "search first" paradigm that many web applications are using these days, There's been a huge uptake of SES in PeopleSoft largely down to the number of customers going to 9.2 (about half the audience in Paco Aubrejuan's PeopleSoft Roadmap session on Monday).  Thanks to Sesha, on Tuesday, I got sorted exactly how Oracle expect users to index document attachments in PeopleSoft.  When I get back to the office I'll be blogging a step by step guide to indexing attachments plus a few little customisations you may want to consider.  Thanks Sesha.

Jim Marion (of Tips & tricks fame

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