OOW Wednesday - The EPIC OpenWorld Party

Man alive! What a party!!! Never been to a party with 40,000 people before. I only went because Roger Daltrey from The Who was on one of the stages and he was not a disappointment. Even at 65 years old he was totally awesome.... played every major Who song and brought the house down with his classic rock voice and stage presence. See videos below.
Today’s OOW was jammed full of great PeopleTools stuff. Ellison gave the Keynote announcing the new Exadata 2 server based (this year) on Sun hardware, gave IBM a hard time, offered $10M to anyone who can get IBM kit to run faster than Oracles and Governor Schwarzenegger made an appearance. I have tons of notes from today to type up.... it's 2:00am in the morning and having just got back from the OOW party I'll probably leave it until tomorrow.

Just a few more photos from Wednesday at conference and the party.



psRoy said…
I was always a big fan of THE WHO. I think I might be jealous that you were able to see him in person. Thanks again for the updates.
Jim Marion said…
Hi Graham. I am very glad you enjoyed the party. Whereas PeopleSoft parties were action packed (Disney's California Adventure, Treasure Island Theme Park, etc), Oracle's are loud with great bands. A couple of years ago I stood outside my hotel for a good hour to go to Elton John. Unfortunately, something went wrong and my bus never arrived :(. It was a pleasure seeing you again and I hope to make it across the pond sometime in the next 12 months.
Carl said…
Thanks for the video! Rock on!