5 More Things on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 05

PeopleSoft not only runs on cloud infrastructure but is intentionally engineered for the kinds of platform and application automation essential for managing applications in the cloud. 

PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture addresses installation, configuration, testing, patching and upgrades and this all comes together in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.  

Loads of PeopleSoft content on Tuesday
On Tuesday 5 December I'll be covering this material in depth at the annual UKOUG Apps 17 conference.  I look forward to seeing you there if you can make.  Register for Apps17 here.

In September 2017 Cloud Manager 05 was released and here's my top 5 observations.

(1) New instances provisioned in Cloud Manager can now be migrated to use Orchestrations.  By default if you select STOP in the environment action menu the PeopleSoft application, web and batch services will be stopped.  This is useful but won't save you any money!  If the environment is migrated to using orchestrations then the STOP action will shutdown the instances itself on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  If the instance is running you pay for CPU and storage.  If the instance is stopped then you only pay for storage.

(2) New PeopleSoft environments are provisioned using Linux and Windows template images.  It is essential you get the Linux and Windows 2012 r2 images from Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Before you can use them in Cloud Manager you first need to update the Windows images with latest updates from Microsoft.  You can also add in your favourite developer tools, create new users and any other configuration you normally do.   How to create a private Windows Image for Cloud Manager.

(3) There is a very nice feature which will automatically download the latest Cloud Manager Update Image which can then be used to automatically update your currently running Cloud Manager instance.  The first version of this is a bit buggy but I'm sure the Cloud Manager development team will sort this out.  At writing this (November 2017) I had to manually intervene with a few steps and there is an essential PRP that must be applied to the CM Update Image before it can be used.  Read Automated Self-UpdateOf Cloud Manager From Cloud Manager Settings | Manage Updates Page Fails AtStep "Apply PRP to PUM source.

(4)  A Cloud Manager provisioned environment can now be upgraded to the latest PeopleTools patch or even upgraded to the latest PeopleTools version.  This really is quite magical.

Think about what's going on here.

  • download the relevant tools patch onto your client and Linux machines
  • install Change Assistant on client
  • Install PeopleTools on client
  • Shutdown PIA, App and batch domains
  • Run CA job to Apply PeopleTools Patch to target database
  • Install patch files on Linux server to update PS_HOME
  • Redeploy PIA, App and batch domains
  • Start everything back up again
  • All in just over 20 mins !

(5) Cloud Manager REST APIs are now available.  This is a nice touch and demonstrates just how extensible the PeopleTools framework is.  Cloud Manager creates a simplified user experience to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the PeopleSoft DPKs - This is very useful - if you're a human!  But what if you want to build automated schedules to stop and start Cloud Manager environments using your companies enterprise scheduler?  Well ... there's an API for that.



The environment ID (EnvID) doesn't seem to be visible anywhere in the Cloud Manager user interface and so we need to use the REST API to list environments to find it. The output is a JSON response containing a list of all Environments and their status.


        "environmentID" : "434343",
        "environmentName" : "CDMSLFUPD1",
        "description " : "Environment for Cloud Manager Self Update",
        "status " : "Stopped"
        "environmentID" : "434344",
        "environmentName" : "FS025E",
        "description " : "Test system for FS 025",
        "status " : "Running"
        "environmentID" : "434345",
        "environmentName" : "HCM024A",
        "description " : "",
        "status " : "Stopped"

Watch all the magic here.


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