Wednesday, 26 September 2018

PeopleTools 8.57 Upgrade Magic

UPDATE (15 Jan 2019):  8.57 is now available to download for on-premises PeopleSoft.

PeopleTools 8.57 is available but only on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure -

More on 8.57 soon once I get some time to play!

Magic Upgrade Button
This was the first time I've had the chance to push the magic "Upgrade PeopleTools" button against a running PeopleSoft instance in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager (PCM).  Not because I didn't want to push-the-button but simply because all PS Images that could be run in PCM were already running on the latest PeopleTools version.  Now 8.57 is out.... I can "push-the-button".

STEP 1 -  I used PCM to subscribe to PeopleTools 8.57 (Tools_857_Linux) updates and they magically appear in my PCM Repository.
PeopleTools 8.57 Subscription in PCM

STEP 2 - Drill into the Details of the Environment you want to upgrade and select Upgrade PeopleTools (NOTE: This needs to have been created using the PUM Fulltier topology as it needs to have a configured Windows Server)

STEP 3 - Select the target release from the Upgrade To drop-down list (There's only one option currently as only patch 01 is available).

STEP 3 - Push the Upgrade button (oh... yes... and respond to the Are You Sure message)

STEP 4 - Brew some fine coffee... sit back... and wait.    Mine took 3.5 hours.  It seems that most of the time was spent processing the App Designer project on the Windows Upgrade Workstation.  Need to look into why.

The PeopleSoft Cloud Manager development team are doing a great job with automating some pretty complex operations here.  Big shout out to Nagendra Krishnappa and all the team.

8.57 Upgrade Completed

Behind the scenes PCM will shutdown the PeopleSoft stack and do the upgrade.   install a new 8.57 PS_HOME, install Change Assistant, load up the 8.57 upgrade template and execute against the target - followed by a redeployment of all the domains.  8.56 and 8.57 images are all running Tuxedo 12.2.0 and WebLogic so no upgrade of these components were necessary.  However, it does seem to have patched Tuxedo and WebLogic.

Tuxedo patched during upgrade to 8.57

WebLogic patched during upgrade to 8.57


Biju Narayanan said...

Excited to hear your feedvack and comments from you Graham. Thanks for taking time to grab and try this out soon after the release.

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Nice post Graham.
Thanks for sharing.
The main issue with PUM and Co is the CPU patch of midtier components.
It’s often not the last one, see here it’s APR18 whereas we should have JUL18.