Monday, 6 December 2021

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 13

PeopleSoft building PeopleSoft
On 11 November 2021 Oracle posted the latest update to PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.  Cloud Manager is the PeopleSoft application which manages other PeopleSoft environments in Oracle Cloud

Here at Version 1 we use OCI to run numerous PeopleSoft systems for development, prototyping, R&D and customer demo purposes and Cloud Manager plays an important role in helping us do routine things easier and quicker.

There are 2 very interesting things I want to write about. 

Cloud Manager Self Updating 

Magic Button
The first is the Self Updating Feature of Cloud Manager.   The screenshot below shows my Cloud Manager 12 instance has detected that Image 13 is now available, downloaded and ready to apply.

This isn't the first time I've used the Manage Updates feature in Cloud Manager but this is the first time that Cloud Manager will also perform a PeopleTools upgrade of itself as part of the Make Me Current process in applying the Application Updates for Image 13.

CM Self Updating Process Steps

In summary, the Self Updating process will perform the following steps:

  1. Provision a new PUM Source Image 13 of Cloud Manager
  2. Apply any PRPs to the PUM Source Image
  3. Upgrade the Target (itself) to PeopleTools 8.59.04
  4. Create and apply a Change Package for PUM 13 to the Target
All of this in just under 4 hours !   Pretty impressive.

NOTE:  At the end of this fully automated process there is a manual step which involves running a the   This is covered in PeopleBooks and is called out in the Cloud Manager Manual Updates status page.  Two things to note:
  1. You MUST have all Environments in a Started state before running this script as one of the things this script does is it updates some scripts on each target Environment and (of course) each Environment must be available for the script to update the files.
  2. The PUM Source environment must be available (ie Running) when you run this post_upgrade_script and so make sure you don't hit the Cleanup button until after you've run this script.

Environment Infra DPK Patches

The second thing I want to call out is that Cloud Manager now supports Infra DPK Patching.   You've been able to perform PeopleTools Upgrades and Patches since Cloud Manager 6 in 2018.   Now, as of Cloud Manager 13, we can do WebLogic, Tuxedo, Java and Oracle client patching on mid-tier and Windows client nodes.  The screenshot below shows an HCM  Image 37 environment running on PeopleTools 8.59.    It shows the Current Version for the mid-tier stack and PeopleSoft Client and indicates that there is a Latest Version to apply.   The Apply process for these 2 nodes took  around 30 mins.   Very nice and now very secure!


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