Cloud Manager and 8.60 patch 06

I've been exploring the latest PeopleTools 8.60 release over the last 6 months and written about a few of the highlights on my blog.  

It's April Oracle Critical Patch Update time this week and we're really glad that there are amazing engineers out there finding and reporting vulnerabilities in the Oracle software that we use and rely on. We're even more glad that Oracle product development teams supply patches to resolve these security issues. This is a quarterly cycle.  

 Exploits found --> Oracle releases patch--> Customer applies patch--> Repeat.  

"This is the way" to quote one of my favourite Star Wars characters.

Is it that hackers are getting smarter, the software getting more layered and complex, or something else?  Probably a bit of all of these.

Anyway, for PeopleSoft users who are busy working on their PeopleTools upgrade projects we are faced with patch 05 which has a number of vulnerabilities with a base score of 9.8 and 7.5.  Given that this is a vulnerability rating out of 10, it's very high.

So, what do we do?

In my lab environments I want to know a number of things about the new 05 patch.
  • Does it install ok?
  • After installing does PeopleTools still work ok or have new issues been introduced?
  • What other defects have been fixed outside the realm of security?
  • Is it ready to be applied to my live PeopleSoft environments?
PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can help answer these questions by very quickly and simply applying this new PeopleTools Patch.  

Cloud Manager has a nice feature to backup and restore an entire environment. This backup effectively takes block volume clones of the boot and attached storage volumes for all nodes (servers) in the Environment Topology. These point-in-time backups can then be restored to recreate the entire Environment at any time.  You can read more about this feature in the Cloud Manager documentation here .

I took one of my R&D lab environments that was on PeopleTools 8.60.03 and upgraded it to 8.60.05 after first taking a backup.  The whole process took just 50 minutes and you can follow along in my live recording below.

As usual please post any comments, questions or observations below. I'm always interested to know about your own experiences with Cloud Manager.